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Nick Johnson

United States

Member since: Feb 26, 2015
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Nyc Sleep Doctors Explain Why Now is a Great Time to Do Something About Your Poor Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? Or – more to the point – are you getting enough quality sleep? Do you think most people you know are? We ask because according to the Centers for Disease Control and...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Wellness Mar 16, 2015
Nyc Sleep Doctors: Give the Gift of Better Sleep

The end-of-year holidays are upon us, and as a result many of us have a LOT on our agendas as we try to juggle work and home life with running around trying to find the perfect presents for the ones...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Wellness Jan 20, 2016
Nyc Sleep Doctors: Overcoming Sleep Study Anxiety

OK, you've been bothered by serious sleep problems for some time, and you've "done the right thing" and consulted a NYC sleep specialist like the experts at New York Sleep-Wake Center, and after a...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Wellness Mar 18, 2016
Nyc Sleep Specialists Answer the Question: "does All Snoring Indicate a Sleep Disorder?"

Do you snore? Chances are that if you sleep alone you don't even know the answer to that question, because most people who snore aren't aware of it unless their bed partner tells them they're snoring...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Wellness Aug 05, 2015
Nyc Vein Treatment Center Explains What Angina Is

Angina, or angina pectoris (Latin for squeezing of the chest) is a type of chest pain, discomfort, or tightness that occurs when an area of the heart muscle is receiving too little oxygen. Angina is...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Wellness Mar 02, 2015
Nyc Vein Treatment Center: How One Patient's Life Changed After Treatment

At our Manhattan vein treatment center, we are often asked by patients how varicose vein removal will actually benefit them, and what it will do to improve their lives. It is difficult to provide a...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Wellness Jan 14, 2016
Nyc Sleep Doctors: Should You Have a Second Sleep Study?

Recently a patient at NYCVA for a cardiovascular checkup asked one of our sleep specialists a good question. He said, "I had a sleep study years ago that didn't find anything, but I'm still not...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Wellness Sep 02, 2015
Nyc Sleep Doctors: Why See a Sleep Specialist?

Statistics tell us that America has a sleep problem -- over half of Americans report that their insomnia has grown so chronic that they can't recall a single week in which they didn't have trouble...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Wellness Jul 16, 2015
A Nyc Vein Treatment Center Answers the Question, "how Do I Know if I Have Varicose Veins?"

Many people, hearing the question in the title of this article, might think it's silly, and say, "How do I know I've got varicose veins? I just look in the mirror, right?" Wrong, for a couple of...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Wellness Nov 05, 2015
A Nyc Vein Treatment Center Discusses the Relationship Between Vein Health and Diabetes

Diabetes is a HUGE problem, and one that is getting worse every year. Globally, it is estimated that 9% of the population (over 600 million people) have diabetes. Here in the US the percentage is even...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Wellness Feb 17, 2016
I'm Going on a Beach Vacation Soon – How Long Does Nyc Varicose Vein Treatment Take?

As NYC vein treatment specialists, we are often asked questions such as, "I'm planning a beach vacation in a few weeks. Can you get rid of my varicose veins by then?" Although not everyone with...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Wellness Jun 09, 2015
Manhattan Vein Specialists / Heart Specialists Explain Atrial Fibrillation

At NYCVA, many of our patients think of us primarily as NYC vein treatment specialists, because they first came to us to treat their varicose veins or other vein problems. But NYCVA is better known...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Alternative Medicine Sep 02, 2015
Manhattan Vein Specialists Explain the Differences Between Invasive, Non-Invasive, and Minimally-Inv

In the articles on Manhattan vein treatment we provide on this website, we often use the terms "non-invasive" or "minimally-invasive" to describe the medical procedures used to treat vein disease and...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Wellness Mar 24, 2015
Nyc Sleep Specialists Explain How to Be More Productive This Year – Get Better Sleep

Have you ever tried to impress your boss by saying, "I stayed up all night writing this report for you" or "I've been working so hard that I only sleep 4 hours a night?" Well, if your boss knew what...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Men's Health Feb 26, 2015
Nyc Sleep Specialists Explains the Link Between Sleep and the Common Cold

Most people are aware that not getting sufficient sleep results in an inability to think clearly. Most people are similarly aware that sleep deficiency has severe physical repercussions, slowing...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Wellness Feb 11, 2016
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