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Jack Ryan


Member since: Jul 07, 2015
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5 Utilities for Your Well-Equipped Conference Rooms

Employees require conference rooms to assemble and discuss ideas, business growth, expansions, etc. Companies also conduct training, meetings and interviews in conference rooms. Well-furnished and...

Articles > Home & Garden > Furniture Feb 23, 2016
A Guide for Efficient Locker Room Utilization

A locker room is not only a place where students and athletes keep their belongings and change their clothes. These spaces can also cultivate a sense of togetherness and enthusiasm between team...

Articles > Home & Garden > Furniture Oct 25, 2017
Common Ergonomic Myths Debunked

The use of ergonomic principles is considered as the solution for all back and neck pain. From an office to the home, ergonomics can maximize comfort, performance, and productivity while reducing the...

Articles > Shopping > Furniture Sep 29, 2017
Different Types of Storage Cabinets for Heavy Duty Industries

Office furniture is not just restricted to desks and chairs, it also includes cabinets to keep documents and files. Nowadays, cabinets are available in different sizes, shapes, designs, and materials...

Articles > Shopping > Furniture Nov 19, 2015
Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Mats

In many organizations, especially manufacturing and industrial ones, various types of mats are used to boost the safety of employees. Take for example rubber safety mats, which are primarily used to...

Articles > Shopping > Furniture Dec 11, 2015
How Organizations Can Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

More than 1,400 incidents of slips, trips and falls are reported to the Health and Safety Authority each year. 24% of the total cases reported required the injured person to miss work for a month...

Articles > Shopping > Furniture Nov 17, 2016
How to Choose Business Chairs to Improve Productivity of Employees

At several organisations, employees sit in chairs and work for prolonged periods of time, which could be stressful for them, if not provided with comfortable chairs. Poorly designed chairs can affect...

Articles > Shopping > Furniture Oct 13, 2015
How to Choose Filing Cabinets for Organisations

There are multiple requirements for files and documents in companies. For example, a business may have huge piles of documents across different areas of the company, such as files for tax returns...

Articles > Shopping > Furniture Oct 03, 2016
How to Promote Collaboration Using Canteen Furniture & Other Solutions

About 38% of workers feel there is not sufficient collaboration in the workplace (Zach Cutler, 2014). Teamwork in the workplace can be an important opportunity for employees to work together. It can...

Articles > Home & Garden > Furniture Mar 16, 2017
Importance of Cabinets for Proper Storage at Workplaces

It is common for people to trip over inanimate objects that are lying around in a workplace. These trips and falls can lead to more serious injuries. In order to prevent these accidents, it is very...

Articles > Shopping > Furniture Jun 28, 2016
Importance of Furnishing Warehouses

Warehouses are widely used for storage of goods by manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and other stake holders of a business’s supply chain. These places are designed to accommodate a large quantity...

Articles > Shopping > Furniture Jan 28, 2016
Important Things to Consider Before Choosing to Buy Lockers

Storage is one of the most essential factors associated with different businesses, be it a corporate office, a financial institution, a sports facility, etc. Lockers are the most simple and viable...

Articles > Shopping > Furniture Jul 30, 2017
Lifts and Trolleys for Material Handling at Workshops

At industrial workshops there are several materials and items that require handling or transportation from one place to another. It is not always possible to carry items if they are large in number or...

Articles > Shopping > Furniture Jul 07, 2015
Office Furniture and Other Ways to Beat the Monday Blues

Are you one of those people who go to work on a Monday with overwhelming feelings of anxiety, stress or depression? After a great weekend do you suffer from a lack of motivation to work on a Monday...

Articles > Home & Garden > Furniture Aug 29, 2017
Office Whiteboards for a Better Workplace

Apart from office furniture such as chairs and desks, accessories like whiteboards are also considered to be one of the most important tools in workplaces. This is because of the myriad ways in which...

Articles > Shopping > Furniture Jun 27, 2017
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