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Josep Guardiola

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A Better Perspective Regarding Canadian Corporate Tax

In simple words, corporate tax planning provides all the techniques that are relevant in decreasing the tax invoice of a corporate body. Some of the important aspects of it include supporting a...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Feb 23, 2014
Canadian Income Tax for Non-Residesnt Tax Payers

Canadian Income Tax is a joint responsibility of the Federal as well as the Provincial or Territorial Governments. Under the Constitution Act of 1867 taxation is undertaken by the Canadian government...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Nov 29, 2013
Estate Planning & Its Advantages

Estate planning is about the life of your family and loved ones – and the peace of mind you get from helping to preserve their financial security. Property planning is a difficult subject to discuss...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Oct 08, 2013
Few Important Facts About Taxation of Non-Residents in Canada

Canadian Income tax is levied on the worldwide income of Canadian residents. However, there are certain types of income that is earned from Canadian sources that are taxable for non- residents. The...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Nov 04, 2013
Get the Best Tax Consultation, Imaginable!

Money makes the world go round, you may have heard of this proverb many times. The fact is that not only citizens, but also a country needs money, to facilitate the process of development in the...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Nov 01, 2013
Hire an International Tax Accountant to Help You with International Tax Planning

International tax planning involves strategies to reduce or outright eliminate the payment of income taxes and other taxes. Global tax planning doesn't mean illegal tax evasion. There is a big...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Oct 08, 2013
How to Find the Best Tax Specialist in Canada?

Hiring a tax accountant can benefit all types of taxpayers. Before you start your search, you might be wondering about all kinds of tax pros out there or who can do your taxes. There are two types of...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Nov 29, 2013
How to Reduce Income Tax in Canada?

Always people look forward to minimize the income tax. If you are a resident of Canada, you can reduce the income tax by various methods. However, if you are a non-resident, then you need to consult a...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Feb 25, 2014
Keep Yourself Informed with Real Tax Experts!

Every country has a specific set of rules to manage the constant cash flow to the country’s economy; one such necessary rule to follow is paying your taxes on time. Not many of you might know, that...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Nov 01, 2013
Key Points to Know Regarding Canada-US Taxation

Canada has joined into tax agreements with a lot of nations, but none is regarded more essential than the Canada-US tax agreement. The significance of this agreement is mostly because both the nations...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Feb 23, 2014
Know About Canadian Corporate Tax

In Canada, when it comes to taxes, big corporations don't pay their full share. Instead of other countries, the central government helps out big businesses in order to keep the money circulating...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Oct 08, 2013
Learn the Basics About Tax Havens

If you are a newbie, then this topic might seem a bit confusing to you. What are tax havens? How is it related to tax? These are some of the basic doubts that are asked by novices. If you want to...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Feb 23, 2014
Make Detailed Business Assessments for Taxations

When it comes to setting up a commodity business, understanding tax rates are far more important. The reason is because you will not be paying taxes as individual settle based on annual income. It is...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Dec 23, 2013
Offshore Trust – an Overview

The only way to protect your wealth or part of it is through a trust. It could be through an onshore discretionary trust or an offshore discretionary trust. A trust is an arrangement where a person...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Oct 08, 2013
Real Estate Taxation and Estate Planning Experts

Taxation on real estate also known as property tax is imposed on the owner of the property.The Canadian citizens have to pay the tax on, both domestic and overseas assets. However, the non-resident...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Nov 29, 2013
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