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Soniya Mishra

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2 Basic Nose Reshaping Procedure

Nose Reshaping is a popular cosmetic surgery as it is related with your nose which is the main facial feature of your face. The face seems complete and impressive if all the facial features of the...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Feb 16, 2017
5 Ways to Fight Hair Loss for Men

Male pattern baldness is the most common form of baldness which can occur at any age. The pattern hair loss takes place due to several genetic, hormonal and environmental factors and the treatment of...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Jul 19, 2017
Do I Need to Have My Nose Packed After Nose Reshaping?

For those who want to change the look of the nose or for those who are facing severe breathing problems, Nose Reshaping is a boon. Improving the size, shape, and proportionality of the nose is now...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Apr 25, 2017
Exercise After Nose Reshaping

Like other surgeries, Nose Reshaping also has some effects such as swelling, brushing etc. Most often, the doctor advises the patients to have complete rest and provide other instruction related to...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Jun 09, 2017
Get a Proper Shaped Nose with Rhinoplasty Indore

Rhinoplasty is also called as Nose Reshaping plastic surgery. Nose area employment is generally performed plastic surgery in India. Rhinoplasty is a methodology for individuals searching for change in...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Mar 30, 2016
Get an Attractive Nose with Correct Rhinoplasty at Indore

Nose is an important feature of a face. A perfect nose is very important in deciding the perfect facial expression of an individual. A good nose contributes a lot to beauty of a face. But not everyone...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Mar 11, 2016
How Does Nose Reshaping Impact Your Modeling Career?

Nose Reshaping is not only a type of plastic surgery nowadays. it is a great hope for those who were disappointed because of the deformity of the nose and could not change their destiny. Now, with the...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Jun 22, 2017
Ideal Age to Have a Nose Reshaping

What is an ideal age for Nose Reshaping is a very important question to ask and many patients generally ask this question when they think about the rhinoplasty for the first time. This question is...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Mar 14, 2017
If Amount of Hair on Head < Amount of Hair on D Comb = Prp Treatment

Are you observing a sudden increase in the number of hairs on your comb nowadays? If yes, you may have a threat of suffering from severe hair loss soon. It is wise to respond early and to fix a...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Aug 08, 2017
Is Nose Reshaping for You?

Medical field is keeps on changing providing advanced technologies in day to day life. The nose can be determine as centre feature of our face which can change your overall look. To enhance the beauty...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Oct 26, 2016
Key Growth Factors in Platelet-Rich Plasma

Every individual face normal hair fall but when it becomes excessive, it may lead to severe hair loss conditions. The process of hair loss generally ends in the occurrence of baldness. Because of this...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Hair Loss Mar 29, 2017
Male Nose Reshaping: the Reasons Why I’S So Popular

Females are known for their charm for looking beautiful but nowadays, males also seem attentive to look handsome and smart when they interact with others. Nose Reshaping surgery is not only for...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Jan 12, 2017
Nice Hair! Prp a Promising New Way to Regrow Your Mane

Baldness is an emotional problem that harms the overall personality of a person. The people start to feel sad when normal hair fall starts to convert in severe hair loss. Hair loss is a serious...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Apr 05, 2017
Nose Reshaping Bring Balance Back to Your Face

When we look at a face, sometimes we find it beautiful and sometimes we do not. However, the definitions of a beautiful face can be different for person to person, but if we think universally, we can...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Dec 13, 2016
Points to Be Remembered Before Nose Reshaping

Nose Reshaping or rhinoplasty is a life changing event for the patients who feel unhappy because of the shape and size of their nose. Nowadays, this is not unusual to see the patients choosing nose...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Aug 02, 2017
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