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Scatter Chen

Member since: Dec 08, 2016
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All You Should Know on Purify Battery Saving App

If you have owned an android phone in the past, you will notice that the battery life is limited if you use your phone often. This was difficult to avoid given the advanced specifications of phones...

Articles > Computers > Software Dec 09, 2016
Applying for a Loan with Singapore Money Lender

Lenders, as and borrowers, are just expected to have a quick and also calculative with facts, stats, quotes and figures. As a borrower, you could to be at the guard and resort to a back of the...

Articles > Finance > Loans Feb 15, 2017
Boosting Speed for Android Devices with the Purify App

When you buy your android device, it usually comes with the default factory operating system installed on it. This comes with a number of system-level applications that are often given higher...

Articles > Computers > Software Jan 11, 2017
Choose Legal Money Lender in Singapore

Legal money lender Singapore are a popular option because anyone can qualify for one as long as they have got a evidence of income. If you do not have a good credit score, you may struggle to borrow...

Articles > Finance > Loans Jan 05, 2017
Choosing the Best Battery Saving for Android

There are many activities that can lead to quick depletion of the battery life of your android device. These activities include: playing mobile games, chatting, using Facebook/ whats app/ Instagram...

Articles > Computers > Software Feb 22, 2017
Fast Cash Payday Loan Can Ease Your Financial Crunch

A payday loan -- is a credit facility that ordinarily is unsecured and small, around $500 and under which is assumed to be repaid on the next pay date of the...

Articles > Finance > Loans Sep 21, 2017
How Android Battery Saver Works?

There are practical ways of saving batteries which include not leaving data on when not in need, turning off any background running apps and minimizing brightness on the phone screen. Do we really...

Articles > Computers > Software Mar 17, 2017
Keeps Your Business Going with a Singapore Money Lender

A business loan is money borrowed from a financial institution like loantoday for which a particular interest amount has to be paid. As a kind of measurement to ensure safety, interest is charged by...

Articles > Finance > Loans Jan 21, 2017
The Best Battery Saver App for Android- Purify

The importance of Android phone batteryBattery power is an important issue for a great deal of android devices users, it is not only because android phones have poor battery power, but also because we...

Articles > Computers > Software Dec 12, 2016
Visit a Licensed Lending Institution to Get Your Payday Loan Online Today

Have you at any point in your life taken a payday loan out? If you have never, then it is a kind of loan that one takes in case of emergency. You might be faced with a certain difficulty and you do...

Articles > Finance > Loans Dec 14, 2016
Wait No More Time if You Need Low Interest Payday Loans

People have a lot of judgemental opinion and myths about payday loan. They think payday loans are bad and interest rates are so high that you cannot repay the loan easily. However, none of those...

Articles > Finance > Loans Feb 04, 2017
Choosing Credit Loan in Singapore

A lot of people have consistently been looking for credit loan Singapore( facilities that would grant loans for borrowers with poor credit histories. In the past, people...

Articles > Finance > Loans Mar 15, 2017
Solve Your Money Problems with Cash Loan Singapore

Facing challenges between paydays when there's no money left in savings to meet your obligations is the perfect time to consider cash loan Singapore to take care of everything. Getting the money you...

Articles > Finance > Loans Jan 03, 2017
Customer Retention Programs That Will Help You Boost Your Business

Any business that hopes to remain viable and prosperous knows that retaining customers is essential. This is more important than ever in an age of global competition via the internet and a tentative...

Articles > Communications > Communications May 03, 2017
How Can I Speed Up My Android with Purify App?

An Android device is only worth having if it is fast in its operation. Does that mean that you have to throw away your old phone and replace it with a new one? The simple answer is no; because the new...

Articles > Computers > Software Feb 03, 2017
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