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6 Steps to Secure Your Empty Property

It is well documented that empty properties are far more susceptible to damage than lived in family homes, both through natural causes and the actions of vandals. By following our 6 simple steps...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 02, 2017
Bisf House - an Original Prefabricated UK Housing Solution

BISF houses are steel framed houses built by the British Iron and Steel Federation from 1946 as an immediate solution to the post-war housing crisis. BISF was an association of steel producers, formed...

Articles > Finance > Real Estate Oct 05, 2017
Caring for a Listed Property

Owning a listed building can leave you the envy of your neighbours, being in possession of your own little slice of history. However, they can be expensive to upkeep and have a number of unique...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 12, 2017
Finding Insurance for a Property of Non-Standard Construction

You scour the property for sale pages and find your dream home. It has plenty of character and is just within your budget. The surveys check out and your committed to buying. It’s at this point you...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 17, 2017
Getting Your Home Ready for Sale

Lots of people struggle to envisage the practical use of a room when it is devoid of furniture so making sure your property looks it’s best is a good starting point. The key here is leaving just the...

Articles > Home & Garden > Moving & Relocating Oct 03, 2017
Home Hosting Profits Soar from Big Event Demand

With a summer of major sport and cultural events around the corner across the UK, wannabe attendees will inevitably suffer from the classic hotel supply and demand troubles, resulting in a desperate...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 10, 2017
Home Insurance Northern Ireland

For many years, major UK insurance brands have kept direct customers in Northern Ireland at an arms length and offered little coverage with often-inflated premiums. There remain a higher percentage of...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 27, 2017
How the Type of Home You Own Impacts Your Insurance

There is a growing number of properties in the UK that now fall into a category known as non-standard as labelled by insurance companies. What is this new category and what impact does it have on...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Nov 16, 2017
One in Eight British Homeowners Are Planning to Buy a Second Property in the Next 10 Years

A new study has revealed that whilst 12% of homeowners polled in a new study are saving to invest in a second property within the next decade, the majority of these individuals admit they’ve not fully...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 18, 2017
One Third of British of Homeowners Inspired to Rent out Their Homes After Rise in Airbnb

Homeowners living in the South East, North West and Wales are the most likely to be intrigued by the potential financial opportunities associated with becoming a home host and renting out their...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Nov 05, 2017
The Importance of Buildings Insurance

With the cost of living continually rising and tight finances being pulled in ever more directions it is easy to see why so many Brits are constantly looking for ways to cut down their monthly bills...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Nov 01, 2017
The Importance of Buildings Insurance

Most people require the help of a mortgage in order to afford to buy their home. It is often a stipulation set by mortgage providers that homeowners must have a valid buildings insurance policy in...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Nov 07, 2017
The Importance of Protecting Yourself when Using Airbnb

Airbnb and its various competitors have completely revolutionised the travel accommodation market in recent years, making it increasingly affordable for people to travel to new destinations. Equally...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 16, 2017
UK Home Insurance with a Poor Credit History

A County Court Judgment is often simply referred to as a CCJ and is a court’s judgement, having assessed all the details of the situation, as to whether or not a debt is due. A CCJ will unfortunately...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 24, 2017
What to Consider when Converting a Barn [UK]

With a recent change in planning laws to make it easier to get permission to build new homes, there has been an accompanying explosion in the number of barn conversions. A barn conversion doesn't...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 02, 2017
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