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Starting over in Canada? Here is What You'll Need to Know

Sometimes we are all in need of a major change in our life. It might be boredom or a life-changing moment that makes us feel like we need a change of job, a change of space and even a change of...

Betty White Jan 14, 2020
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5 Coolest Neighborhoods in Nyc

Moving to New York is very exciting. New York is a city like no other. It is big, it's fast, crazy, diverse, unique. There are so many ways to describe New York. This, of course, wouldn't be the case...

Betty White Dec 31, 2019
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Things You Should Throw Away Before Moving

Packing is one of the most important tasks when moving – locally or long distance. It is fun and exciting, but sometimes it can be emotional and exhausting. Especially if you need to say goodbye to...

Betty White Dec 31, 2019
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The Top 5 Things to Do in Nyc's Yorkville Neighborhood

Yorkville truly is one of the best neighborhoods in New York to live in. Yorkville is located on the East side of Manhattan, just above the Upper East Side. It is located on the coast of the East...

Betty White Dec 30, 2019
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How to Organize Your Florida Relocation in Less Than 3 Days

Moving is a process. Not only does it require a lot of patience and a good organization, but it also requires a lot of time. Many people plan their move for years. The search for the appropriate...

Betty White Dec 26, 2019
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Moving on Short Notice - CA Edition

Moving is stressful enough. You have to find a new home, sell the current one, hire a moving agency, deal with all the moving-related tasks and say goodbye to all your friends and family. And, when...

Betty White Dec 17, 2019
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How to Find a Place to Stay After Moving to Japan?

Moving to a faraway country like Japan is never easy. You probably do not speak the language and do not understand the culture and the people. So how can one find a place to stay and live after moving...

Betty White Dec 03, 2019
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Things to Know Before Moving to Washington DC

When somebody mentions Washington DC the first thing that will most likely pop into your thoughts is politics. However, this great city is attractive and inviting because of many other reasons besides...

Betty White Dec 02, 2019
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North Dakota Relocation Explained

Relocation to a new state is always a significant undertaking and something which requires long-term planning. You might’ve reached a decision to move to the "Legendary State", but have you thought...

Betty White Nov 29, 2019
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How to Make Your Relocation Green

Nowadays everybody should be conscious of our surroundings and how our actions influence the world around us. Going green is not just a trend, it is a movement that we all need to support if we want...

Betty White Nov 28, 2019
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Best Brooklyn Neighborhoods for Singles

Many people consider relocating to the state of New York nowadays. Some people move here in search of a better lifestyle. Some want to live life like those on the movie screens. And, some just want to...

Betty White Nov 26, 2019
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Benefits of Moving to Mississippi

Mississippi is a pretty underrated state. It is located in the southeast part of the United States. It shares borders with Tennesse, Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas. In fact, all of these states are...

Betty White Nov 09, 2019
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How to Find Cheap Storage Facility in Kuwait?

The moving process is not so cheap, especially if you're moving to the wealthy country of Kuwait. Especially if you happen to need some moving assistance. And most of the moving-related services are...

Betty White Oct 21, 2019
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Packing for Storage - All You Need to Know

Storages are always a good solution, whether you’re looking for a temporary place while unpacking or a long term solution. For that reason, they are also the perfect option for anyone who is...

Betty White Oct 01, 2019
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Moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale with Kids

Are you and your family moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale? Well, that is probably a good choice, as Miami is not a very good place for raising children. Miami is known for entertainment, crazy...

Betty White Sep 30, 2019
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