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Tylor Keller

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Ceramics and Composite Materials in 3D Printing

3D printing materials are regarded as one of the core foundations of the development of the 3D printing industry. At present, the most popular 3D printing materials are: engineering plastics...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Sep 10, 2021
Characteristics and Applications of Fluorosurfactants

1 IntroductionThe fluorosurfactants (fluorine-containing surfactants) are the most important species of special surfactants, and have many irreplaceable applications of hydrocarbon surfactants. The...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Apr 04, 2020
Characteristics of Quantum Dots

Quantum dots, also known as semiconductor nanocrystals, are nanoscale materials composed of a small number of atoms. The number of atoms in a quantum dot is usually between a few and a few hundred...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Nov 01, 2019
Classification and Application of Natural Surfactants

Natural surfactants are widely used in daily life and science. Most of the natural surfactants come from animal and plant organisms, and are relatively complex high molecular organic substances...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Dec 05, 2019
Commonly Used Surfactants

Disodium Monolauryl SulfosuccinateDisodium Monolauryl Sulfosuccinate is white paste at room temperature and transparent liquid after heating (> 70°C). Its foam is rich and easy to wash. It has strong...

Articles > Beauty > Skin Care Feb 29, 2020
Cultivation of Microalgae

According to the different nutrient modes of microalgae, the culture modes can be divided into photoautotrophic culture, mixed culture and heterotrophic culture.Photoautotrophic culturePhotoautotrophy...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Nutrition Sep 30, 2019
Four Most Commonly Used Surfactants You Should Know

Surfactants are substances used to reduce the surface tension of target solutions. It has fixed hydrophilic and lipophilic groups and can be aligned on the solution surface. The molecular structure of...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Aug 21, 2022
Functional Polymer Materials

Functional polymer materials originated in the late 1960s. By modifying reactive groups on the polymer, it has special functions with regard to chemical reactivity, catalytic activity, electrical...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Apr 01, 2022
How to Synthesize Wax Esters? Three Synthetic Routes

Wax esters are esters formed by long-chain fatty acids and fatty alcohols. Owing to their biodegradability and good lubricity, wax esters can be used as base materials for advanced lubricants and...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science May 09, 2022
Introduction of Plant Extract

1 Active ingredients of plant extract1.1 AlkaloidAlkaloid, or plant alkaloid, is a alkaline nitrogen-containing organic compound and it is an active ingredient in Chinese herbal medicine. It is...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Alternative Medicine Oct 28, 2018
Ionic Liquid: a New Direction for Drug Development

In drug development and production, solid active pharmaceutical ingredients, which are usually made into powders or tablets, are a preferred choice compared with liquid active pharmaceutical...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Jun 06, 2021
Nine Most Commonly Seen Additives in Plastics

Reinforcing materials and fillers In many plastics, reinforcing materials and fillers occupy a considerable proportion. In order to improve the strength and rigidity of plastic products or reduce...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Apr 10, 2022
Oled Inkjet Printing

The OLED inkjet printing uses solvents to melt OLED organic materials and subsequently prints materials on the surface of substrates to form R (red), G (green), and B (blue) organic light-emitting...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Jun 23, 2022
Plastic Additives: Polymer Stabilizers, Plasticizers and Lubricants

During the manufacturing of polymeric materials, such as plastics and rubbers, a number of chemical additives are added to inhibit or retard their degradation or to achieve better product quality...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Feb 17, 2022
Polymer Material in 3D Printing

With its unique manufacturing technology, 3D printing allows us to produce unprecedented types of items. However, the real advantage of 3D printing technology lies in its printing materials. Only by...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Aug 06, 2021
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