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Tylor Keller

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Applications of Nanomaterials

1 Nano-magnetic materialsIn practice, most of the nanomaterials are artificial. Magnetic nano-materials made up of small-sized nano-particles and single-domain structures, so they have very special...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Alternative Medicine Jan 23, 2018
Applications of the High Polymers in Medical Science

IntroductionWith the wide application of high polymers, more and more extensive researches on high polymers have been conducted in recent years. Many papers and monographs discussed the important...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Medicine Apr 11, 2018
Study on Chemical Composition of Microalgae

Microalgae is rich in nutrients, contains trace elements and various bioactive substances. And it have the advantages of artificial reproduction, rapid growth, short breeding cycle, so it has a broad...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Alternative Medicine Oct 26, 2017
Classification of Dyes

Dye are colored organic compounds that can dye fibers or other substrates to a certain color. Dye must meet the following two requirements: First, It should soluble in water, or can be converted into...

Articles > Business & Careers > Industrial Apr 11, 2018
A Brief Introduction to Functional Pegs

Due to its biological inertness and good biocompatibility, polyethylene glycol (PEG) has a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry, biological materials, cosmetics, and analytical...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Jan 02, 2022
A Brief Introduction to Insect Pheromone

Insect pheromones are compounds used to express various information such as aggregation, foraging, mating, and vigilance. Insect pheromones exist in insects in nature, and all insects produce and...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Feb 17, 2022
A Few Things You Should Know About Carbon Fibers

Carbon fiber is a new type of fiber material with high strength and with a carbon content of more than 95%. It is a microcrystalline graphite material obtained by piling up organic fibers such as...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Dec 05, 2021
Advances in Material Research in the Past and Next Decade

In the past decade, major breakthroughs have been made in all aspects of material research, covering almost all material types. For instance, graphene, the value of which was not recognized initially...

Articles > Technology & Science > Electronics Jun 27, 2021
Antibacterial Effect and Applications of Nano-Tio2

Compared with common materials, nanomaterials have a series of excellent properties that make nano-antibacterial agents prepared by nanotechnology have excellent antibacterial effects unmatched by...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Diseases & Conditions Nov 01, 2019
Antioxidative Mechanism of Plant Extract

Because people often come into contact with the outside world, normal breathing, external pollution and radiation exposure can cause free radicals in the human body. Excessive free radicals can cause...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Anti Aging Dec 31, 2018
Application of Nanomaterials in Pharmacy

1 Promoting drug absorption and increasing bioavailabilityThe current research in nanopharmaceuticals is mainly on how to use nanomaterials as drug carriers to improve the efficacy of drugs. There are...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Medicine Feb 03, 2020
Application of Plant Oil in Cosmetics

Plant extract, such as plant oil, is generally believed to inhibit the evaporation of water, rehydrate the dry skin and hardened cuticle, restore the softness and elasticity of the stratum corneum...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Anti Aging Oct 28, 2018
Applications of Nanomaterials

Application of nanomaterials in the field of catalystsNanomaterials play an important role in many chemical catalytic fields, which can control reaction time and increase reaction efficiency and...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Dec 04, 2019
Basic Facts About Graphene

Graphene originally exists in nature, but it is difficult to peel off a single-layer structure. 1mm thick graphite contains about 3 million layers of graphene. People discovered graphite a long time...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Dec 05, 2021
Benefits of Protecting Groups in Organic Synthesis

In organic synthesis, a molecule may contain two or more functional groups. In order to prevent one of the functional groups from being destroyed by the reaction, a certain reagent is often used to...

Articles > Reference & Education > Science Jan 02, 2022
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