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Jeremy Hughes

Member since: Jan 16, 2018
Published articles: 40

2019 Voltric Ld Force Racket Review: is the Racket Worth Your Time?

It is always exciting to use the same racket as your favorite badminton star. If you are a Lin Dan fan, you must be aware of the newest, "Crystal Red" Voltric LD-Force badminton racket launched in May...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Equipment Dec 09, 2019
Astrox 88 S and 88 D Badminton Rackets: the Most Popular Doubles Rackets

In January 2018, Yonex introduced two badminton rackets that were specially designed for doubles players: Astrox 88 S (Skill) and Astrox 88 D (Dominate). Traditionally, the Astrox series has always...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Equipment Aug 20, 2019
Best Badminton Rackets for Powerful Smashes

There are badminton players who love to play the game on a professional level. Then, there are others who enjoy badminton as a recreational sport. No matter your preference, you will have to buy a...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Equipment Jul 07, 2019
Best Badminton Socks in 2021: Making the Right Purchase Decision

Badminton socks may seem like a tiny aspect of playing the game. But, choosing a great pair of socks can keep you protected against injuries and ensure your comfort during the game. It pays to pay...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Equipment Aug 01, 2021
Buying Badminton Shoes: Honest Answers to Your Questions

A good tool makes you better and adds to your skills. If you are going to play badminton on a regular basis, you need the right kind of badminton attire and equipment. It keeps you away from injuries...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Equipment Sep 01, 2019
Choose Badminton Apparel That Keeps You Cool Under Pressure

Badminton is a mentally and physically challenging sport. It demands agility, speed and skill. When you are playing the game, you may focus on choosing the right badminton racket or buying the ideal...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Equipment Nov 25, 2019
How to Make a Choice Between Yonex Astrox 99 and Voltric Z Force Ii?

As a beginner or a recreational player, you may not give much thought to choosing a badminton racket. However, once you advance and improve your skills, you will have to pay close attention to your...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Equipment Aug 11, 2019
Victor Auraspeed 90S Review: an All-Rounder Racket with Razor Sharp Performance

The process for choosing the best badminton racket is never the same for two players. You may find your favorite badminton professional using a racket and think of buying it. Or you may stumble upon...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Equipment Dec 23, 2019
Victor Jetspeed S Rackets: Tips to Choose the Best Speed Racket

The single biggest mistake that badminton players commit while buying a racket is ignoring their playing style. You cannot win games by buying the most expensive racket. You cannot excel by choosing...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Equipment Jun 28, 2019
Badminton Racket Buying Guide: the Act of Balancing

Do you have a favorite badminton racket? Do you believe that your #1 racket ensures better performance than any other racket of the same weight? Well, it is essential to remember that even when two...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Equipment Sep 19, 2018
How to Ascertain the Ideal String Tension of Your Badminton Racket?

When you are playing badminton, small things play a significant role in helping you win the game. One of the important things that you should consider before the match is the string tension of your...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Equipment Oct 06, 2018
How to Buy the Right Badminton Equipment for You?

Badminton is not only a popular sport in Asian countries, but it also has a phenomenal following in America. If you are a professional badminton player, you know the importance of buying quality...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Equipment Oct 10, 2018
How to Improve Grip on Badminton Shoes?

When you are starting to play badminton on the court, you need to invest in a quality pair of badminton shoes that do not leave any scuff marks. But, buying the most expensive badminton shoes will not...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Equipment Nov 23, 2018
Speed and Shuttlecocks – Make an Informed Decision

Do you think that choosing feather birdies over nylon shuttlecocks is the only decision that you have to make while playing badminton? Well, once you make a decision between duck feathers and goose...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Equipment Oct 03, 2018
Effective Tips for Regular Badminton Racket Maintenance

He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools! - ConfuciusIf you are a badminton player, your most important tool is your racket. You spend several dollars on the badminton racket. And...

Articles > Recreation & Sports > Equipment Sep 29, 2018
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