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Understanding the Genetics of Cancer

There are different things that need to be understood while dealing cancer. It can affect any parts of the body, be it our head, neck or abdomen. In any case, there will be abnormal division of cells...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Medical Tourism May 11, 2018
What Are the Different Types of Organ Transplants?

Each and every organ, no matter how small or where it is located, has a specific part to play in the body. Our heart is located just behind and slightly left of the breastbone. Its role is to pump...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Medical Tourism Apr 30, 2018
Step by Step Tackling of Cancer | Blk Hospital Nigeria

Cancer is considered as one of the most deadly diseases to hit human beings. The main reasons of this is because it there is no exact cause of Cancer. There are many risk factors associated with...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Cancer Apr 16, 2018

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BLK Super Speciality Hospital is the largest stand-alone private sector hospital in Delhi. BLK comprehensive Cancer Care with organ specific specialist teams makes it best Cancer Hospital in India.