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Steven Czyrny

United States

Member since: Jul 30, 2018
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Telltale Signs of Alzheime’s Disease

It is common for seniors over 55 years old to experience forgetfulness, but how do you know the memory lapse is simply from aging or a sign of Alzheimer’s disease?Alzheimer’s disease is a type of...

Articles > Family > Elderly Care Oct 10, 2018
Touring Your New Retirement Community 101

Like house hunting for the first time, finding and moving to new place to live is a tough decision. Planning everything on paper and picking a senior apartment based on things like price and location...

Articles > Family > Elderly Care Jul 30, 2018
Why More Seniors Prefer Independent Senior Living Communities

The benefits of independent senior living communities are greater than many of the alternatives. Here's why more seniors are preferring to live in these independent communities. It will come as no...

Articles > Family > Elderly Care Aug 14, 2018
Is Alexa a Welcome Guest in Senior Homes?

Virtual assistants have finally found their place in independent senior homes. In hindsight, it does makes sense especially that technology is best used for repetitive tasks and Siri nor Alexa never...

Articles > Family > Elderly Care Sep 17, 2018
Creating Lasting Relationships with Grandchildren

Among the best things about being retired is being able to spend one’s time with loved ones, especially grandchildren. As your grandchildren goes through their own life stages, their interests change...

Articles > Family > Elderly Care Nov 22, 2018
Find a Hobby and Retire Well

Retirement is a phase in life everyone looks forward to because it gives people the freedom to do what they’ve always wanted to do in life but never had the time to, like traveling, reaching the...

Articles > Family > Elderly Care Oct 28, 2018
Getting Your Retirement Nest Ready

Retirement can either be exciting or daunting, depending on how much cushion you prepared for yourself. If you are part of the former, congratulations! Your hard work paid off and you can now harvest...

Articles > Family > Elderly Care Nov 17, 2018
Top 4 Amenities in Senior Home Hunting

Finding your retirement home is like finding a spouse, you look for what you want and fits with you well and not what everyone thinks you should go for. If you plan to live there for a long time, you...

Articles > Family > Elderly Care Oct 26, 2018

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