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Shailesh Gajjar

Member since: Dec 02, 2018
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Choose the Best Custom Printed Solutions for Teeth Whitening Products

In today's digital age, customers are saturated with constant marketing messages. It is essential to differentiate your private label products from other brands available on the market.The answer lies...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Dental Care Feb 24, 2022
Choosing the Best Footwear Store Theme: Putting Your Right Foot Forward

The best business is the one that is always in demand! Did you know the global market size of the footwear industry was $365.5 billion in 2020? Several media reports suggest that it will reach $530.3...

Articles > Internet > ECommerce Oct 21, 2021
Custom Design Vs. Readymade Magento Theme: Time to Make Up Your Mind

When you decide to buy a house, do you prefer move-in-ready homes? Or do you select a fixer-upper wherein you can do the repairs on your own or with the help of a home improvement company? No matter...

Articles > Internet > Web Design Nov 21, 2021
Custom Stock Status Extension: an Essential Sales Tool for Every Business

Whether you are a B2B business or a B2C seller with an e-commerce website, higher sales numbers are a goal for every business person. Higher sales revenue is how you manage your business and keep it...

Articles > Internet > ECommerce Nov 01, 2021
Customer Negotiation is Easy with Quotation Manager Extension

The retail industry has evolved since sellers sold their goods in crowded, dusty bazaars. With all the world’s best retailers jumping on the internet bandwagon, the entire market has undergone a...

Articles > Internet > ECommerce Jan 05, 2019
Customize Your Teeth Whitening Kit to Stand Apart from Competition

We are living in the age of Instagram filters and Photoshop, where everyone wants to be camera-ready. One essential part of looking good and feeling attractive is perfecting those pearly whites. The...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Dental Care Aug 08, 2021
Debunking 5 Common Teeth Whitening Myths for Your Safety

Who doesn’t want whiter, brighter teeth? With the wide availability of teeth whitening products on the market, achieving pearly white teeth is safe and easy. Before anyone visits the dental clinic or...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Dental Care Mar 04, 2021
Do Not Overlook Offline Sales: Integrate Your E-Commerce Website with Physical Store

To shop online or visit a brick-and-mortar store: This is the choice that every buyer has to make while making a purchase. And, as a smart entrepreneur, you need to offer customers with options and...

Articles > Internet > ECommerce Mar 13, 2021
Eco-Friendly Teeth Whitening Products: an Ode to Conscious Consumerism

According to American Dental Association, the discarded number of manual toothbrushes in the United States is close to 1 billion per year. Think about other products used in the dental hygiene...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Dental Care Aug 20, 2022
Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Tattoo Machines

Tattoos transform the body into an art of work. They help the person tell a story and manifest identities with ease! It is for the same reason that tattoos have become so popular in America...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Arts & Crafts Apr 25, 2020
Five Questions to Ask Before You Buy Chelated Cattle Mineral Mixture

Just as humans require an adequate intake of minerals to support bodily functions, your cattle and livestock deserve regular supplementation of minerals and vitamins to ensure good health. With...

Articles > Animals & Pets > Farm Animals Feb 14, 2022
Four Crucial Tips to Find the Best Teeth Whitening Strips

While enjoying glorious summer months, no one wants to let stained, yellowing teeth ruin their vibes. All the summer outings that we love and enjoy can affect the brightness of our teeth. From early...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Dental Care Aug 05, 2021
Four Reasons to Sell Teeth Whitening Strips Online

We have witnessed phenomenal growth in the cosmetic dental industry in recent years. In addition to the growing demand for beautiful teeth, the success of the teeth whitening business can be...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Dental Care Oct 04, 2022
From Halogen to Led Headlights: the Essential Diy Upgrade

Whether it is for purely aesthetic reasons or a road safety measure, upgrading your car headlights from stock halogen to powerful LED bulbs is a good decision. Gone are the days when you had to leave...

Articles > Automotive > Cars May 27, 2021
Google Amp for Magento: Amplify Your E-Commerce Business

"In today's modern world, people are either asleep or connected." Technology has changed the way we live our lives. From work, entertainment to errands, you can manage everything with a mobile phone...

Articles > Internet > ECommerce Jul 08, 2021
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