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Maulik Shah

Member since: Mar 12, 2019
Published articles: 40

4 Ways a Customer Portal Becomes a Boon for Support Staff

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Have you tweeted out to the company when you experienced bad service? Have you told about the bad experience to anyone who would listen? Lastly, have you ever...

Articles > Computers > Software Jul 19, 2019
5 Industries That Definitely Need a Web Portal Solution

Web portals work as a gateway. Where this gateway leads, depends on the purpose you want to fulfill.Imagine an apartment building. A lot of people live there. It is a public area but each house in...

Articles > Computers > Software Jun 27, 2019
What is Salesforce Customer Portal?

Before we start with the Salesforce customer portal, let’s explore all the types of Salesforce portals, their differences, and their use case.Types of Salesforce PortalsSalesforce offers three types...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Ideas Jan 05, 2020
5 Features Why Dynamics Crm 365 is Perfect for Any Enterprise

A loyal customer base is one of the most important aspects of a successful company. And it is necessary to build a relationship with them and understand their needs.For any organization, managing...

Articles > Business & Careers > Customer Service Nov 23, 2019
4 Tips for Knowledge Base Content

Just bookmark it, is the new just-write-it-down. But we do both. We use Post-its, handwritten to-do lists, scribbled notes, and many such things. Digital bookmarks and dozens of browser open tabs...

Articles > Computers > Computer Tips Sep 24, 2020
5 Types of Business Web Portals for Growth

"Portal" is one of the most buzzed words. You might have read it in your day-to-day life. But, what is it? Well, there are many complex meanings of portals, but here we have tried to simplify it for...

Articles > Computers > Software Jan 02, 2020
6 Ways to Make the Most out of Wordpress Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is among the robust CRMs available in the market. It offers many tools for storing and organizing your company’s data as well as your customers’. And as a company, your goal might be to...

Articles > Computers > Software May 24, 2020
7 Ways How Client Portal Can Become a Freelance’s Saviour

If you are a freelancer, your inbox never sleeps. Nor does your phone, or your messages, or you. You know exactly what I am talking about if you have ever answered calls from clients at 11 in the...

Articles > Computers > Software Aug 15, 2019
A Customer Portal: Right Solution for Business or Not?

Self-service’. The phrase itself means to serve yourself or to help yourself. That’s where the idea of a customer portal comes from. If you are a business that wants to provide 24*7 customer support...

Articles > Internet > Internet Marketing May 03, 2019
A Hosted Portal Solution: Best for Your Internal Operations

@ The most important part of customer support is to provide all the information whenever a customer needs it. The definition of customer support has evolved over time, and it is no longer limited to...

Articles > Computers > Software Jul 11, 2019
Affiliate Portal: Add Magic to Your Business

Online marketing is the new phase of the digital era. Connecting with people is the core of any business and online marketing is the heart. To connect with a large customer base you have started using...

Articles > Computers > Software Jan 30, 2020
All About the Why and How of Supplier Management

Managing vendors successfully is the key to success for any business. In this article, we will explore what supplier management and its benefits and the best practices for the same. Supplier...

Articles > Computers > Software Jul 04, 2019
Benefits of Client Portals in Law Firm

Today there is not a single industry which is untouched by technology. New things are coming in tech to bring ease to different industries like tech, automobiles, banking sector, etc. Nowadays what...

Articles > Computers > Software Apr 21, 2020
Benefits of Investing in Dynamics Crm Customer Portal

In today’s time creating, supporting, and deploying customer portal integrated with your Dynamics 365 instance is very easy. In Dynamics 365 portal, your customers get an online platform to...

Articles > Computers > Information Technology May 14, 2020
Bringing Together the Power of Crm and Iot

According to research carried out by Gartner, more than 25 billion devices will be connecting by 2020. And, here we are, already in 2020.As per the Gartner's research, IoT forms a connection between...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Ideas Jan 10, 2020
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Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of CRMJetty, a hub of innovative customer relationship solutions, provides ready to CMS integrate portal solutions for SuiteCRM, Sugar CRM, Salesforce, and Dynamics CRM including WordPress Customer Portal.