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Apple Has After Sales Service Issue in the World's Second Largest Smartphone Market

Apple is a recognized premium brand around the globe, Apple is also renowned for its top-notch customer service, However, it seems like it is another story in India. For your information, Apple...

Aj James Dec 31, 1969
Corning is Coming Up with Gorilla Glass Victus for Smartphone Displays

Corning is a leading supplier of display protection technology for smartphones. Recently Corning has announced a new industry standard protection technology for smartphones. This time Corning has come...

David Warner Dec 31, 1969
How to Send a Fake Live Location on Whatsapp Using

Sharing your current location is one of the features that WhatsApp users can use. The app tracks your location in real time and allows you to share it with your contacts. This feature could come in...

Ahtsham Shani Dec 31, 1969
The Best Junk Cleaner and Booster Apps for Android

If you are using an Android smartphone and it is getting slower day by day, then you require an app that can clean the junk in your phone and boost it to work faster. Fortunately, we have some...

Jackson Henry Dec 31, 1969
Why React Native Has Become the Winning Choice for Cross-Platform Development?

Do the below statements sound like your objectives for your next mobile app? Creation of a native-like high-performing app Reaching a broad spectrum of the audience at once Cost-effective yet faster...

Shelly Megan Dec 31, 1969
Work from Home - Tips & Best Practices to Improve Efficiency & Productivity

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought much uncertainty in our lives today. It has not only caused personal losses and disaster but has catastrophically affected business worldwide. The world economy...

Sajan Agrawal Dec 31, 1969
How to Use Messages App for Iphone and Ipad with Bubble and Screen Effects

Are you the one who likes a personalized touch for whatever activity you do on your device? For example, changing wallpapers, using emojis, adding bubble and screen effects in the Messages app, etc.If...

Jon Snow Dec 31, 1969
Basics of Mobile App Development

Process of designing a app for mobile is call mobile app development. Some of the app by default need to install during manufacturing of mobile device also we have to give option to download via...

Apponix Technologies Dec 31, 1969
Latest Whatsapp Text Tricks & Secret Features

WhatsApp is a truly incredible messaging application but the sad thing is that 99% of the people who use it probably don’t even take advantage of half of its functionality.Whatsapp has to offer a few...

Steve Alvi Dec 31, 1969
How Do I Get in Touch with Mobile Tech Support Team?

Finding Mobile Tech Support ServiceMobile has become that necessity without which we can’t even imagine a single day. From listening songs to binge-watching series, or maybe using social media...

Alternative Number Dec 31, 1969
Gmail Stop Receiving/sending Email,how to Fix It?

How to fix the Gmail not sending and receiving emails error?Gmail offers the best email receiving and sending services to its registered users. Yet a few times, Gmail users might confront trouble...

Maria Smith Dec 31, 1969
What is Xo7 Technology for Cell Phone Screen?

These XO7 LCD / OLED Screens are Aftermarket Pro quality. Aftermarket Pro means our engineering team is fully involved in the product development, and our procurement team is engaged in the material...

Flica Hussey Dec 31, 1969
Check the Battery Health Status on Your Iphone, Mac, or Apple Watch

Recently, Apple has included the battery health feature to the iPhone that can reveal the battery’s performance and tell you about the exact condition of your battery. Now, a similar battery check-up...

David Stokes Dec 31, 1969
Tablet Market to Witness a Healthy Growth During 2020 – 2026

The report "Tablet Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2016–2026" presents an outlook of the global tablet market for the period 2016 – 2026. Our primary objective in creating...

Future Market Dec 31, 1969
8 New Quality Standards for Cell Phone Lcd Screens

We have worked hard to make sure the industry receives the transparency in quality it deserves! Quality across the wireless repair industry has always been up to the suppliers. Each supplier decides...

Flica Hussey Dec 31, 1969
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