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Answer Question and Win One Lakh Rupees from the Website

People around the world play game to pass their leisure time in enjoying. It is known to have a good effect on reducing stress in our body. Earlier, people used to play outdoor games but today online...

Ram Jha Sep 25, 2013
How Did Casual Games Turn into the It Gaming Experience of the Moment?

The desire to simplify the approach to the idea of strategic gaming led to the emergence of a popular, autonomous category destined to the enthusiast player: casual games. Online casual games...

Gamez Kingdom Sep 26, 2013
Swtor Leveling Guides – Why You Need?

SWTOR stands for Star Wars the Old Republic is a fast growing Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game. Like any other MMO, this game also has created a huge world for the players to explore as they...

Dirik Dron Jul 05, 2012
The Wait for Angry Bird Ends with Angry Bird Space

Angry Birds proved to be a mobile sensation and the anger kept on swelling so the demand of new series. After a very long wait on March 22, 2012 Rovio launched Angry Birds Space for all angry birds...

Online Angrybirds Jun 28, 2012
Stick Games

Today we would like to turn your attention to stick games and stick videos that can be found all over the internet.  There is much that could be said about this media, and I hope that our insights on...

Dundee Phelpsmead Jun 08, 2012
Playing Online Rummy - Some Unknown Benefits

The popular conception of the online rummy game is that it is played mainly for entertainment purposes and also provides a platform to win cash prizes. However, the game of Rummy gives unbelievable...

Deccan Rummy Oct 18, 2016
Want to Move Up the Deccanrummy’s Ladder? Try Cash Games

Online rummy games are becoming a rage in India. The game of rummy is expanding like never before venturing into unexplored avenues and is constantly attracting new followers. The reason we could see...

Deccan Rummy Oct 25, 2016
Daily Deposit Bonus Upto 200%-a Reminder

In the event you are the one who loves to play rummy card games, can you find a better way to soak in the tidal wave of joy & ecstasy than playing exciting rummy games online? Why bother going...

Deccan Rummy Oct 28, 2016
11 Tips Collected from Rummy Winners

Hey Rummy lovers, we’d like to share some of the common strategies followed by our rummy winners. We spoke to them regarding this and these are some of their thoughts which they have gathered after...

Deccan Rummy Nov 11, 2016
How to Cope Up with Losses in a Rummy Game?

Isn’t it an obvious fact that every sport has a winner and a loser? As expected, the winner goes through various emotions from ecstasy to tears of joy. Similarly, the losers experience varying...

Deccan Rummy Nov 12, 2016
Types of Online Rummy Players

Online rummy has been a blessing in disguise for many of us. It has come as a breath of fresh air for those of us who were struggling to cope up with playing high-intensity action games or...

Deccan Rummy Nov 24, 2016
Play Our Christmas Fiesta – Special Freeroll Tourney

Play our Christmas Fiesta – Special Freeroll tourney The eventful year is drawing to a close. We have had an adventurous year so far with lots of exciting promotions and tournaments. And more...

Deccan Rummy Dec 23, 2016
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