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World-Weariness ( Dr. Selim Can Alkoc )

What was that sound? What was it, what was it, what was it? At the same time a cry, a scream, a groan ; impossible to describe with words. Sounds like someone's suffering, but to make the human voice...

Dr.selim Alkoc Feb 17, 2014
Making the World a Better Place – Global Charities

There are numerous charities around the world working towards the welfare of underprivileged and the poor communities. Some of the charities are into focused work for a specific purpose or community...

Mary Cotter Jan 25, 2014
The Importance of the Jubba River

Africa is a continent with vast regions of arid climate, hot places where food is scarce and water is even scarcer. Somalia has the privilege of having a generous “guest” which can provide with a...

Joven Amuen Dec 14, 2013
Wow Amazing Hh2 Water Energy Cells Clean Toxic Nox Emissions

(1888 PressRelease) HH2 Energy Cells Unlock The Energy Of Water Using 12 Volt Battery Power. On-board Device Creates Live Hydrogen (130 Octane) & Oxygen Gases As A Vehicle Is Driven. HH2 Water Cells...

Patrick Gallenberg Nov 21, 2013
Greengold Ray Energies Announces the Acquisition of 6.074 Acres of Farm Land

1888 Press Release - GreenGold Ray Energies, Inc. {GREENGOLD} is "Fueling the Future"---- announces the acquisition of 6.074 acres of agricultural farm land in the Big Island of Hawaii on August 19...

Patrick Gallenberg Oct 09, 2013
Quality Assurance Online Training Provided by Expert Instructors for Developing Qa Testing Skills

Quality assurance refers to those techniques which are adopted including techniques implemented so as to ensure whether a product or service offered meet up its required criterion. In today’s world...

Nagesh Sharma Oct 06, 2013
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