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Kik Messenger: What Taboos the New Version is Fighting Against

Among so many other messenger apps, Kik is just another one of the same line of apps. Though users loved the app, there were some issues which made a stir and raised questions over Kik users’ privacy...

Aarjoo Yadav Sep 30, 2014
Hacking a Facebook Account: Effortless and Free

When discussing which you want to crack a Facebook account, it sort of comes with an unfavorable connotation. It is not only unethical, but also illegal. Nevertheless, there are particular cases that...

Silke Moench Sep 06, 2014
Skype Dating

How Skype Could Play CupidToday’s strenuous life can kill a person’s romantic streak. They don’t get the time to meet people and involve in some light hearted dating. It’s a proven fact that a little...

Renu Murya Aug 29, 2014
Tips to Achieve Link Promotions

If you have spent the past few months on optimizing your portal, you might have learned different techniques for achieving the same. You might have placed the appropriate keywords in the right places...

George Fead Jun 21, 2014
Simple Techniques to Increase Google Pagerank

Google PageRank is a very essential factor of your site exactly simply because it is the basis of identifying the place your site will be in lookup consequence in relation to a specific search...

Bryan Johnson Jan 09, 2014
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