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A Look Back - the History of Bulgarian Yogurt

Bulgarian yogurt, or "sour milk" is recognized the world over thanks to the beneficial bacteria it contains. According to many accounts, yogurt itself is derived principally from Bulgarian lands...

Davin Clash Dec 31, 1969
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Different Types of Organic Fertilizers

Everyone is well aware of the fertilizers and its use because these are a certain type of chemicals that are used to make your crop grow more and grow better (in terms of quality) to increase your...

Umer Adnan Dec 31, 1969
Try out the Durian Delivery Service During This McO

We want to announce you that the durian season is reached along the way during this nationwide lockdown.Although you might miss out on the opportunity to go back Balik Pulao just to taste the best...

Tiptop Durian Dec 31, 1969
Food Processing Industry in India

Prior to focusing on current trends of the food processing industry in India, it won’t be inappropriate to succinctly speak of history of the sector.It was about four decades back that food processing...

Satjit Kumar Dec 31, 1969
Know More About Cheese and Its Varieties

Cheese is always to the soul much like butter is always to bread. From 7 types of cheese with 400 quantity of cheeses what could you choose to eat? Spoilt for choices, right! Cheese use purchase to...

Aman Yadav Dec 31, 1969
The Role of a Mashgiach at Kosher Catering Livingston NJ

Average percentage of people know kosher food as a kind of cuisine blessed by God. It is consumed by Jewish community. This is partially true. Kosher food is mostly consumed by a specific Jewish...

Jessica Merrel Dec 31, 1969
Demand for Canned Seafood to Experience a Significant Dip in 2020, Influenced by Covid-19 Pandemic

The market report envelopes an all-in information of the global Canned Seafood market and the nature of the market growth over the foreseeable period. The report provides a comprehensive elaboration...

Raman Khanna Dec 31, 1969
Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Caterer

How does a good caterer make a difference at a wedding? How to select the right caterer for your upcoming wedding? Keep reading to know more. The most important aspects of any wedding preparations are...

Jay Tiwari Dec 31, 1969
Lacto Fermentation

Lacto fermentation, which is also called Lactic acid fermentation is an ancient method of food preservation. This technique has been prevelant in almost all the cultures of the world best rooftop...

Lucky Singh Dec 31, 1969
Nailing the Perfect Summer Party

Catering is a booming business and locating the best caterers in Kolkata may be extremely difficult. Especially whilst it’s for a warm summer celebration or party you are planning. Everybody is aware...

Saanvi SEO Dec 31, 1969
Considerations to Note when Engaging a Catering Company Services

Most key event venues have their inhouse chefs to provide great meals for guests, there are many places that do not offer meal services. While it is very likely there will be extra effort required to...

Jas See Dec 31, 1969
Bangladesh Rice Research Institute

Bangladesh is a large flat island, composed of three large rivers namely the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna, which is an excellent fertile land for rice, with abundant water, plains and almost...

MD Nahid Dec 31, 1969
Which Supplier is Best for Our Need and How They Compete One Another?

Wholesale Rice - Finding the Ideal Supplier It could be more appropriate to first start looking for a business which supplies exactly what you need, rather than simply choos a generic 1 if you should...

Muaaz Naeem Dec 31, 1969
Ordering Bulk Food Online Made Easy in 2020

The food industry is getting upgraded, and vision towards the future is drastically transforming through the progression of technology. People are now ordering food online from their seats, and the...

Vijay Hogist Dec 31, 1969
5 Tips for Hiring a Caterer for Your Party

Food served at any occasion is the most important part of it. It can leave a lasting impression on guests. Whenever you want to organise a party for your staff, you must book a corporate event c

Jay Tiwari Dec 31, 1969
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