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Loren Israel: the Most Recognized Name in Music Industry

Music has recently emerged as a career of thousands of people around the globe. Learning about music is not an easy job underwent. It requires proper guidance and training. There have been great...

Liyo Josef Jun 09, 2015
All About Reggae Artist Musical Sniper Aka Rappa Robert

Music is an exceptional art form that is as old as human civilization itself. Since antiquity, music has been regarded as an emotional outlet; people have been using music as a medium to express their...

Liyo Josef May 05, 2015
Enhance Your Songwriting Skills with Loren Israel

Though music is a common hobby of people all over the globe, but only a handful of people get the opportunity to take their passion to the next level. It requires great deal of knowledge and skills to...

Liyo Josef Mar 26, 2015
Hire Talented Voice over Artist: Give Your Business a Mesmerizing Voice

Voice, being the most common and highly effective form of communication, immediately grabs attention. In any documentary or commercial video, the only thing which makes people stay is the attraction...

Liyo Josef Feb 14, 2015
Find Information About Different Edm Events LA Online!

A mesmerizing oasis in desert Los Angeles is one of the most vibrant and lively cities in the whole world. It is a city that never sleeps; it is a fantasy land where people from all over the world...

Liyo Josef Jan 09, 2015
5 Benefits of Music Mastering

As an audience of music lovers, all we have to do is to hear a song and decide whether or not we enjoy it. But when you are the maker of the music, there are steps that must be taken to prepare your...

Robert Smith Sep 04, 2014
Audio Mastering in Your Home Office

Many of those who record music, either as hobbyists or as up and coming independent artists, think that they need access to a studio in order to achieve professional results when perfecting the...

Robert Smith Aug 02, 2014
Online Music Stores Accomplishing All the Needs of Music Lovers!

We all love music right? There can’t be any person who doesn’t like music! The choice is different with every person, some like rock music; some people appreciate romantic music and some like other...

Liyo Josef May 18, 2014
Buy Rap Beats Online and Make Sensational Rap Songs

It is no wonder that beats are the most essential part of any music genre. In fact, symphony, harmony and rhythm can be created only with the help of music. Countless numbers of beats are there and...

Liyo Josef May 12, 2014
Feel the Magical Beat of Electronic Music with Free Edm Downloads

Extra excitement in your party that will make your invitees enjoy the event in very entertaining and amazing way? Well, if yes, then you can take advantage of Free EDM Downloads that will truly rock...

Liyo Josef Dec 17, 2013
Premium Member
Wedding Traditions from Around the World

As we dive into wedding season, excitement fills the air with preparations taking place across the country. Couples are nervously rehearsing their vows and searching for the perfect outfits. Many have...

Simon Hopes Oct 27, 2018
Premium Member
Striking the Rich Chord: a Deep Dive into Musicians' Net Worth

Exploring the Melodic Path to Wealth Have you ever pondered the financial fortunes of your beloved musicians? Whether they're rock icons or pop sensations, the music industry serves as more than just...

Simon Hopes Mar 18, 2024
Premium Member
Easy Musical Instruments to Learn How to Play

Music has a magical way of connecting with our emotions and bringing joy to our lives. If you've ever wanted to learn to play a musical instrument but felt intimidated by the complexity of some...

Alex Belsey Sep 27, 2023
Premium Member
The Ultimate Guide to Buying Music Gear for Beginners

Buying music gear can be a daunting experience for any beginner, especially when faced with the overwhelming variety of options available and the pressure to ensure you get it right. Whether you're...

Simon Hopes Feb 17, 2023
Premium Member
The Disadvantages of Feature Overload in Your App

Ever heard of the psychological concept called "the paradox of choice"? This concept states that the more choices one has, the less happy one will be with the choices one makes. If we were to apply...

Simon Hopes Jan 20, 2023
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