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Online Grocery Shopping: Headway to Digital Food

During the lockdown situation, almost every business went online and the grocery business is no exception. Going through a series of economic slowdowns, grocery businesses in the Philippines are...

Sarah Kahlon Dec 31, 1969
Premium Member
Mind Boggling World of Cocktails

No celebration is complete without cocktails and if the participants are teetotalers than add mocktail to the menu. The later if mix of all things fruity minus spirits. For upscale parties and...

Uday Patel Dec 31, 1969
Premium Member
All About Italian Olive Oil

Olive trees are native to the Mediterranean and are the ones that have been used as a food source for centuries. These have been in existence since 6000BC. Olives turned into olive oil as per the...

Ranny Watson Dec 31, 1969
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Things You Should Know About Boat Grill

Sunny days invite you to eat outside and everything tastes better if we cook on a grill; Being able to enjoy all this onboard our ship is the dream of many of us. If we are in the habit of fishing...

Cathi Thinsley Dec 31, 1969
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Food Colorants Market is Expected to Reach Usd 5980.59 Million by 2027

Food habits of people all around the globe has changed significantly over the years. Visually more appealing Food & Beverages demand has grown exponentially. Food Colorants Market estimated to reach...

Mia Cox Dec 31, 1969
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Why is Pizza So Popular and from Where to Be Arranged

Because of the notoriety of pizza, and the wide hope that pizza gets conveyed to homes and workplaces, the movement inside a pizza parlor can get very confused at pinnacle hours. A well-designed...

Jack Brant Dec 31, 1969
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Top 6 Best Italian Foods That You Must Try

The fresh flavors and addictive deliciousness of Italian food is something that everyone in the world admires. Italy is a country filled with its rich and authentic traditional cuisines and has a...

Ranny Watson Dec 31, 1969
Natural Cat Litter – Biodegradable and Completely Renewable

Cat litters, primarily made of clay and other minerals, are also made of using natural ingredients such as pine, wheat or corn, or synthetic crystallized silica. Choosing the best one depends on your...

Dofu Cat Dec 31, 1969
Health Benefits of Makhana: 8 Amazing Benefits of Fox Nuts

Makhana or fox nuts come from a plant called Euryal Fox which grows in the stagnant water of wetlands or ponds in Eastern Asia. Makhana have been used since 3000 years as a Chinese medicine, has a...

Shivali Agrwal Dec 31, 1969
Whether You’Re a Novice or Pro, This Advice Will Wow You

If you are having trouble lately in the kitchen when it comes to getting your cuisine just right, you are not alone. Many people have natural cooking talent but not quite enough know-how to cook with...

Raymond Jerry Dec 31, 1969
Mini Nutella and Oreo Cheesecakes

Introduction Did someone say mini cheesecakes stuffed with Nutella and Oreos? Irresistible, aren't they? These mini cheesecakes loaded with Nutella and Oreo original in India are a current favorite...

Snack Zack Dec 31, 1969
How You Can Easily Make Pizza in 5 Minutes with Frozen Dough

Pizza is everyone’s favorite food, especially children love pizza. But mostly it is not possible to enjoy pizza anytime you want. Because you need to prepare the pizza dough, have to wait until it...

Bella Torson Dec 31, 1969
4 Reasons That Make You Feel Hungry All-Day

Anyone here has never found themselves in the following situation: It's been exactly two hours and thirty-three minutes since your last meal (you know why you've been looking at your watch ever...

MD. Asiqur Rahman Dec 31, 1969
Filipino Recipes : How to Make Filipino Spaghetti

You can’t talk about Filipino recipes without mentioning the iconic Filipino spaghetti. You’ve probably already had it, either from a children’s party or from Jollibee. And it might’ve been peculiar...

Pepper Ph Dec 31, 1969
Most Popular Pizza Toppings

Are you planning to throw a pizza party? Pizza is one of the best crowd-pleasing party foods that everyone will love, regardless of age. What’s not to love about pizza? Every bite of pizza, with...

Mario Andre Dec 31, 1969
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