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Can "the" Be Trademarked by a Public University?

A common question asked of trademark lawyers is whether it is possible to secure a trademark for a fairly common word or turn of phrase. There are an array of issues associated with trademarking a...

George Anderson Oct 30, 2019
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How to Avoid Legal Actions on Trademarks in the Uae?

The Trademarks law in the UAE provides a very comprehensive definition for a ‘trademark’, ‘A Trademark is everything that takes a distinctive shape of names, words, signatures, letters, Symbols...

Hassan Elhais Mar 26, 2022
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Why Should the Customers Rely on San Marcos Law Firms?

Various affiliations use legal aides once they start their business. It is crucial for the design you get everything unequivocally from the start of the business. Regardless, after you can't pick a...

Jack Brant Apr 17, 2021
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What a Well Experienced Llc Attorney San Diego!

With regard to the holding of the limited liability company of real estate or LLC is the entity of choice for most real estate investors. This really makes sense for a few reasons: protection of...

Jack Brant Dec 12, 2020
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Are You Struggling with Trademark Infringement?

Trademark infringement is the unapproved utilization of a trademark or administration mark (or a significantly comparative imprint) on related merchandise and ventures. The success of a claim to stop...

Hassan Elhais Mar 23, 2020
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Tax Law Attorney San Diego Supports the Customers in Tax Calculations

In the event that you or somebody you know is experiencing difficulty with the IRS and the State, this is the ideal opportunity to impart to an accomplished and minding charge lawyer and resolve all...

Jack Brant Mar 02, 2019
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Business Law Article About Trademarks Ownership

There is a common misconception which suggests that registering a trademark grants the party a right of ownership. Technically this may be true but it is not the registration that grants ownership...

Hassan Elhais Oct 04, 2016
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Business Law Article About Limiting Trademarks Infringements

The United Arab Emirates is regarded as a commercial hub of Middle East, which facilitates in the practice of commercial activities in a lucrative and tax-free environment. The legal system endeavors...

Hassan Elhais Oct 04, 2016
Steps to Form a New Company

Steps to Form a New Company Whenever someone talk about registering or forming a new company, Private Company Registration is the first name which strikes our minds. According to data by MCA more than...

Compliance Calendar Sep 23, 2022
Why to Register a Section 8 Company and Not Trust and Society

INTRODUCTION When a company is registered for the purpose of Not-for-profit objective then it is called Section 8 company registration. The Governing Section 8 Company Registration Act is Companies...

Compliance Calendar Sep 11, 2022
Private Limited Company Registration in Gurgaon/ Gurugram

A Private Company Registration in Gurgaon/Gurugram is the most popular way of business registrations among all the categories like small, medium, and large enterprises in India. Start-ups and...

Compliance Calendar Sep 03, 2022
Best Los Angeles Trademarks Lawyers in California

If you have a well-known brand, you should definitely protect it. A trademark can be useful in a variety of ways. To begin with, it ensures that others do not copy your unique logo or name and assists...

Law Advocate Group Jul 09, 2022
The Best Trademark Registration in Pakistan

The right place to register a trademark in PakistanWHO ARE WEFounded in 2016, Absam IPS is Pakistan's leadingindependent law firm with strong international alliances. The company is known for its...

Chris Albert May 27, 2022
Income Tax Return Filing in Delhi-Lexntax

Annual Tax Return administrations and personal assessment advisors in Delhi. Annual government form is a structure where an individual documents data on his pay procured during a monetary year and its...

Lexn Tax Apr 12, 2022
Trademark Attorney Services for Los Angeles Businesses

Every business has a specific task to perform. If everything is working in a row business runs smoothly. There is a huge number of people who are going to work for you and one of them is your

Law Advocate Group Apr 05, 2022
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