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Explore the rich and historic Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Author: Alana Alex
by Alana Alex
Posted: Sep 16, 2015

Tanzania is a country in African continent known for the famous holiday destination spots. Every year millions of tourist visit Tanzania to admire and absorb into the beauty that the country offers. From its national parks to beaches, Tanzania never stop to amaze the tourists. ngorongoro conservation area of the Tanzania which consist of the ancient Crater and is termed as the UNESCO world heritage site. It is now crater created because of the volcanic activities in ancient times. Ngorongoro crater is located in the conservation area hence can also be termed as the safari spot. The crater is 260 meters deep and covers the floor around 260 square kilometers.

Camping Site

Beaches and Mountains are good destination spots but most of them are either ideal for couples or friends, there are very few destination spots that can be said to be termed as the family destinations. Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania is one such family destination that can be accounted as the trip for the entire family. The most entertaining thing about the area is that it can be used as the camping site. You have to simply pack a tent and drive through the site to witness rich experience of the crater’s beauty. Enjoy the calm evening of the crater as sun set down the horizon or relax under the starry sky while sitting near the bonfire, while having a drink in your hand.

African Safari

The crater is surrounded with the densely forest thus making it a very famous spot for varieties of wildlife roaming in the regions. It is also one of the hot spots of safari where you can witness some of the majestic wild animals of Africa. Elephants, Rhino, Lions, Leopard and Cape buffalo are some of the marvelous beasts often seen roaming along the vicinity of the crater. You can choose to book a safari ride and witness the wildlife within the huge crater. You might even get lucky and see the animals hunt along the ride. If there is one thing to visit in Africa then it surely is tanzania safari and you shouldn’t want to lose the ride. There are around 25,000 wild animals living within the crater. It also accounts for one of the densely populated Lion’s colony.

Other than wild animals, there is a huge waterhole which serves as a home for variety of birds species. Ostrich, Bustard, Kites are some of the most commonly seen birds along the vicinity of the water bodies. It is a paradise for any bird lovers. The site has also been notable for the scientific study of animals and birds especially the wildlife photographers.

Fossil records

The crater was created due to volcanic explosion, millions of years from the time and then there have been the records of the first humanoid specimens in the crater. The crater is known to have protect the Olduvai Gorge which consists of the fossil records of the very first of the human species in the world. It is considered as one of the most prehistoric sites of the world that is still preserved today.

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