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Hacks for Maintaining the Septic Tank Pumping Systems

Author: Lora Davis
by Lora Davis
Posted: Oct 06, 2015

In the rural areas, there are many residents who are not connected with the sewer and water systems instead they use the wells and the septic tank systems. These systems are difficult to maintain but thanks to the modern technology and efficient upgrades, it has become easy to maintain these systems. By following some simple steps, you can easily do septic maintenance and septic repairs.

Watch for Rainwater

You must know that the septic tank pumping system cannot handle the soggy liquid waste. It leaves it unabsorbed and non- neutralized. For this purpose, you have to arrange drains which would divert the rain water from the main drain-field of the septic tank.

Avoid Overloading

The main reason of septic repairs is the overloading of the system. Always make sure that the drain-field is not overloaded. If you do this on regular basis then it would help you get rid of the repairs. To avoid overloading, you can use the aerators and the flow-reductions nozzles which would help to lower the consumption of water and the level of water will automatically maintain. Another way of avoiding overloading is that you can run the dishwater to flush the excess water.

Keep the Trees Away

Another reason of septic repairs is the damage that is caused by trees. The roots of the trees are main cause of damaging the septic tank pumping systems and it’s a costly repair. You must keep the trees at least 100 feet away from the septic tanks then it would help you to get rid of repairs. This is a main tip for the septic maintenance. The trees which mostly cause the damage are Willows and other trees which have aggressive large roots.

Carefully Dispose the Waste

There are some garbage deposits that do not flush away with the waste. This can cause blockage in the septic tank and clog it quickly which would lead to overloading of water in the tank and water may burst off from various positions. So make sure that you never dispose your garbage in toilets and the dishwasher drains. This can cause you major trouble in the drain-field. If you this happens then you have to replace your drain-field with a new one and it would cost you a lot of money.

Regular Maintenance

For avoiding problems with your septic tank systems and avoiding major repairs, you must regularly maintain the tank system and the drain-field. Keep regular checks so that no waste is accumulated in the drains and the tank pumping system is at least 100 feet away from the trees. Make sure that the drain-field does not get overloaded. This would help you maintain the septic systems and it would also make your tanks last long.

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