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10 Facts about astrology

Author: Ajay Agarwal
by Ajay Agarwal
Posted: Oct 14, 2015
indian astrology

Astrology is study of the science that studies planetary movements and its effects on every individual. Your karma otherwise known as fortune is determined by a fated cosmic design that is pre designed at it can be understood by studying the planetary movement. Vedic Astrology is Hindu astrology which is the specific type which astrologers in thaneare famous for. Astrologers in thaneare considered as some of themost accurate Astrologers in India.There are even world famous astrologers in thane. Even in ancient times India has been far ahead in the science of Astrology in the world. Every good astrologer in thanefollows the ancient scriptures and directions to predict the future accurately.

Here are 10 interesting facts about astrology

  1. Astrology is founded on basic principles of astronomy, and astrologers correctly ascertain the positions of the planets at any given time which determines every person’s fate.
  2. Indian astrology is much more complex and tougher to understand than Western astrology since it has been around for centuriesfurther than western astrology. Indian astrology is considered one of the best and the most accurate in the world on par with Chinese and Greek astrology.
  1. The most important aspect in Indian astrology is the place, time and date of birth of a person. Every good astrologer in thanenotes down accurate details of an individual’s birth in order to predict his future.
  2. Indian astrology contrasts from Western astrology largely in the fact that it uses a static zodiac as opposed to the moving zodiac. This is because of the slow tilting of the earth’s axis in space, the zodiac if you calculate it moving from the sun’s relationship to earth then there is very little movement.
  3. The basic principle that guides Indian astrology is that all things in the world are linked to one another.
  4. Since all things are linked all species created in this earth are linked to one another in some way which is why all actions on earth is guided by some cosmic energy that is caused by movement in stars.
  5. Even a very minor error in the accuracy of timing of a person’s birth can alter the chart of a person dramatically and will make the prediction an incorrect one. Even best astrologer in thanecannot predict the future correctly if there are errors in timings given.
  6. Based on an individual’s chart the astrologer in Thane can predict all important events in a person’s life like Career, Marriage, Happiness and health.
  7. Charts are matched of bride and groom for marriage in Indian astrology since they can predict if two people will have a happy marriage based on charts. Even the number of children a person will have can be predicted using the charts.

10. Astrology is an overall science. It cannot predict what happens every single minute but only what happens in a person’s life broadly. All famous astrologers in thane avoid predicting minor details.

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