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4 Signs Your Running Kicks Need To Be Replaced With Top Rated Men’s Running Shoes

Author: Tom Woodley
by Tom Woodley
Posted: Nov 16, 2015

Running shoes are getting advanced day by day, but still they are made up of man-made products having distinct lifespans. Therefore, they will gradually break down or depreciate over time. Logging miles in worn-out shoes will not only slows you down but also it will increase the risk of injury. However, if you planning to shell out some money on top rated running shoes for men, use following 4 guidelines to know, whether your shoes are ready for retirement or if they have some mileage left in them.

  1. The Tread Is Gone

One of the main goal of the shoes is to provide traction no matter you are running on a hot paved road or a rugged trail. Over some time, the rubber on the bottom outsole wears away. Also, consider bald spots on the outsole where rubber has worn off. Little scuffing is okay, but if tread is gone, it’s time to change your pair right away because unbalanced tread can slightly alter your running gait and may cause injury over some time.

  1. The Shock Absorption Is Shot

When the tread is worn out, you can easily notice, but it is really difficult to know about midsole foam that are responsible for "springy" feeling at each step. Check out for deterioration by placing your shoes on a flat table and examine them at the rear. On a levelled surface, it should be straight and even, but due to wear and tear, midsole loses its ability to absorb the force of impact leading to ankle and knee problems.

  1. The Mileage Is Adding Up

A shoe’s durability depends on wearer’s style and weight. As a thumb rule, a pair of top rated running shoes for men lasts for 300 to 500 miles. You can track your mileage by calculating from the day you brought the shoes to know whether it’s time for reinvestment or not.

  1. They Cover Tough Terrain

If you are running on tough trail conditions, your sneaker will automatically develop some small holes in the mesh early on, that doesn’t call for a change, but if those holes start to increase in size and number, may be then it’s time to change. Sometimes, new sneakers can be deteriorated due to wet and muddy trails, but if you want to avoid premature wear, it is best to rinse off your shoes with water and let them dry overnight.

In a nutshell, anyone who wear top rated men’s running shoes for true-athletic level support, protection and comfort, it’s time to replace the sneakers for no compromise in performance and if you want to buy best pair without any hassle, you can shop online for abundant options.

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Tom is an experienced writer who likes to highlight fine sports products like those being offered by Adamant to motivate sportsmen to use them for achieving an enhanced sports performance.

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