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Traditional advertising vs Social advertising

Author: Nickdamron Nickdamron
by Nickdamron Nickdamron
Posted: Nov 23, 2013

Advertising is very important for any business. If you are new to the business world then advertising is very important. To advertise your product you can hire the advertising agency. For many reasons advertising is very important.For the promotion of the product advertising is very important. To create the awareness about the product advertising is very important. If you want to increase the sales of your product advertising is very important. For the comparison of the product advertising also important.You can advertise your product in traditional way and also conventional way.But it depends on the company that which method you adopt according to the budget.

Traditional advertising includes billboards, poster, television commercials, radio ads, poster, trade shows, magazine ads, newspaper ads. Traditional ways are very common method of advertising. Sometimes it’s very expensive when you will be talked about the large markets but now a day’s traditional advertising is not very common.Most of the companies are not using the traditional ways of advertising.Traditional advertising is getting old now a days and it is expensive, adverting agencies are using the new ways of advertising.Magazines ads are the best choice for the advertisement of the product when you are concerned about the traditional way of advertising.

Magazines ads are a good way when you are focusing on the local customers or you have a small business. Radio ads are an inexpensive way of advertising.But is not the best way to advertise way because majority people didn’t use the radio nowadays. TV is a common thing at every home and every person sees the TV.In this way TV commercials are a best source to advertise your business. Trade shows are also a medium of traditional advertising.Through trade shows you get a big market to advertise your product.Make sure when you do trade shows your company website will be displayed prominently on your broshier or cards. Billboards are also the best way to attract the customers towards your product..People easily observe the billboards and remember the way of your advertising.Here are also many disadvantages of the traditional advertising.Through traditional advertising you receive the less information.You may skip some information about the product for some reason.Thought traditional marketing you will face the problem to target the audience.Traditional advertising will consume your time. You have to focus on the high budget.

Social advertising is all about advertising your product by using social ways (like Face book, Twitter, Skype, Google +). Everyone has internet access nowadays.Student, job holder, a housewife’s is used to spend some hours a day on Face book. Everyone has a Face book account.In that case it will easy and convenient for you to advertise your product on the social websites. But we have to follow some tips when we advertise the product on social websites.

Just focus on the targeted customers.It is sham full for you after effort when you advertise your product on social website you will not get any single like.The reason is behind that you are not focusing on the targeted customers.For example that you have to push the baby lotion and you are advertising your product in the group of women.Nobody will like your product because you are targeting the wrong customers.The main thing keep in the mind that not everything needs social advertising.Just take a look on your product.If you think that it is a good choice for social advertising then go ahead.

There are many ways to advertise your product.But there are some ways which give you immediate business and promote your product. Social media is the best way to increase the traffic on the websites. The Internet is the reliable source of information.Whenever people want some information about anything they will open their computer. Everyone is active on social media websites.This is the best source to connect to people and share information with the people and friends. So, social media a good tool to advertise your product.If the audience will like your product the chances are there that your product will be shared with the friends and family. Promotional sites or you can say the classified sites are also the best source for the advertising of your product. Like OLX, quicker, if you really want to expand your business and to start up a new business this tool is really helpful for you.

The tool which you trust in the advertising is email marketing.When every person engages with the internet site that case email marketing will be a good medium to introduce your product. For this purpose you just have to collect the data of the customers and email him about your product..

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