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Start Young with Girl’s Abayas

Author: East Essence
by East Essence
Posted: Dec 18, 2015

Don’t you find it adorable when you see young girls decked up with a headscarf or an Abaya – a seemingly familiar sight on those special days of festivities like Eid! Many Mothers while raising their young daughters often have found it hard to get a modest wear for their girls when teaching the core value of modesty. Many a times mothers have to resort to their own DIY while teaching Namaaz for the lack of any suitable ‘go-to’ dress. Realizing the need of the hour, there are many companies investing their ideas in such garments.

Abaya for kids are now a days readily available- a trend which is in rage these days and is now, not only relegated to the Middle Eastern quarters but has moved internationally and into the heart of America and England where such kids could be easily seen sporting these. (All thanks to the E-tailers available to lap up such demands.) Moreover, these Abayas have also found a firm footing in the age groups ranging from pre-teens to late –teens. It starts as a pre-cursor to adapt to comfortable clothing and a good learning practice towards modest dressing in helping to understand ethics and sensibilities. Given the fact these girls are young, there’s always a constant attempt to make the clothes a lil’ bit more endearing to wear.

These girl’s Abayas do not necessarily take from the rich embellished crafts and costly hues and silks but are made with an intent to be simple to allow room for daily activities with easy comfort and reasonable styling thus rendering avid curiosity amongst the young wearers about the trousseaus. Though the late-teeners have a propensity towards wearing something fancy which also gets translated into some occasional ‘heavy –duty Abayas’ (read rich embroidery and embellishments) for some special occasions, It has nonetheless been a task to assimilate the elements of fun and modesty together, keeping in sync with the ‘halal’ diktats as per sharia law. One of the most common reasons for making such Modest wear is to inculcate the tenets of modest dressing while offering salah in young girls and to economise time when getting ready for salah. Thus it saves you from going over and over your wardrobe to find the perfect piece to be billed fit for Namaaz. Generally a Abaya comprises of a built-in hijab too, to accommodate for head-covering within the dress i.e. it comes with a hood on the dress.

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