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Demystifying the process of importing pet dogs into Singapore

Author: Maddy Tan
by Maddy Tan
Posted: Jan 06, 2016
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Moving animals around is not as easy as the movies might make it seem. For a pet dog, you can travel around town with it easily. However, the same cannot be said about transporting it to another country. With Singapore becoming a popular destination today, people are moving to the country in droves. There are those who are moving their for business purposes. Others choose to move to Singapore as their retirement destination. The country is that comfortable. The only challenge that many face is moving with their pets. It is not simple if you have no idea how to go about it. You have a pet dog and you want to ship it to Singapore? There are rules and regulations to abide by.

Bringing your pet into Singapore

The first thing that you need to consider is the breed of your dog. Of course there are dogs that people avoid having as pets because they are not cute or they have some behavioral disorders. Most likely, you too have avoided those breeds. Still, you will have to check whether the breed of your dog is admissible in Singapore. Breeds of the pit bull are not allowed into Singapore. These include the likes of: Akita, boerboe, dogoargentino, filabraseleiro and several others. You can check online for a complete list of dog breeds that you cannot bring into Singapore.

Secondly, when you are importing dogs into Singapore you have to be prepared to be away from your pet for at least thirty days. Singapore has a thirty day mandatory animal quarantine. All animals that are coming into the country must be quarantined for at least a month. This is a good way to control animal diseases in the country. Animals do not talk and therefore noticing that they are sick would require you to be very keen. While in quarantine, the animals are watched closely by professionals to ensure that they are in perfect health.

Book your quarantine spot

You will not fly into Singapore with your pet and take it to a quarantine station then leave it there. First you have to book a slot at the station. The Sembawang animal quarantine station is the finest of them all. It has fantastic facilities for pets. However, in order for you to get a slot in this quarantine station, you will need to book at least two months in advance. The slots are limited and thus you cannot just show up with your pet wanting to put it in for quarantine. This is unless you have gone home with the pet and it becomes an emergency case.

When you book the slot two months in advance, you will be notified about an open spot after a month. This means that you will have another month to finalize the process of transshipping your pet to Singapore. Right from the moment you book the slot, you should pay a visit to your veterinary. A vet’s report will be needed for the dog. The vet report must show that your pet dog has received the required rabies immunization shots.

Once you have the vet’s report and everything else you need, then you can proceed to bring in the pet into Singapore. You will have to get a cage to keep your dog in while on the airline. Get one that is perfect for your dog’s size. If your pet is small then it is possible for you to bring him onboard as hand luggage. This however depends on the airline’s policy. Importing dogs into Singapore is that complicated as long as you know the process.

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First you have to book a slot at the station. The Semarang animal quarantine singapore is the finest of them all. It has fantastic facilities for pets.

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