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Besa Mafia is a real mafia with real hitmen for hire on Dep Web. Here are the proof

Author: Mark Daverson
by Mark Daverson
Posted: Mar 29, 2017

All these murders have been done by their members. How do we know? Well, first these murders are not being done by lovers, nor by people in self defense, these are done in mafia style; people are shot dead while coming with the car at home or in the street or while in home people break in, run the target through the house and shot him dead while family is watching

They are clear paid assassins. All the examples below happened in the beginning of 2016 except the first one

These are assassins from Besa Mafia. You can say are assassins from other sites on Deep Web, but only Besa Mafia assassins are of 'shot and run' style, crazy cheap gang members who wait the target in the parking lot and shot him dead for $5000 the run the hell out

Only Besa Mafia has cheap assassins that don't use sniper rifles, they use hand guns, jump over fences, shoot the victim several times in the chest with cheap Russian guns, and run away

They shoot in the chest because these are cheap hitmen; they don't want to shoot for the head and miss. Using hand guns or shot guns and shooting close range in the chest is best for them

There are people who claim there are no assassins in the real world. They say contract killers are only in movies. They are either plain stupid, or they are undercover cops trying to discourage people from hiring real hitmen.

For example, here are several real cases of people shot dead in the news within the past week:

More details: John "Goldfinger" Palmer, 65, was shot six times in the chest, by a killer who climbed over a fence to avoid cctv local surveillance cameras.

Det Ch Insp Stephen Jennings said that this murder is done by a professional killer, paid by a person or group of people who may have commissioned the killing.

And he is right the killer is a crazy russian guy, hired through Besa Mafia online services on Deep Web.

An other example of a killer from Besa Mafia doing his murder is

The paid hitman waited in the parking way for the target to arrive, and shot him several times then he flees away.

Police found the victim dead in his car.

An other example of contract killer from Besa Mafia doing killing is

The man was shot dead several times on a alley, by a hitman who waited him there.

An other example is

A guy is shot in mafia style; and the shooter flees before police is able to couch him.

An other killer from Besa Mafia:

A guy is shot in the chest and the killer runs away

An other example of Besa Mafia contract killer

An other example of contract hitmen from Besa Mafia:

Four contract hitmen bursted into the house and chased the targets down to shot them

No one has been arrested

What do all these have in common? It is clear that the murders have been by people who didn't personally knew the victims, and that the killers were paid hitmen.

People being shot in the car while arriving home, and left dead in the car; people shot in the street, without taking any money from them, people shot in their own house while chasing them down to be shot and leaving other family members alone and not hurt, is clear that they were paid hitmen.

All the above killings have been done since the beginning of 2016 alone and are clear paid hitman

Are from Besa Mafia? We say yes. You might say yes or no.

But is clear, the world is full of hitmen. Of people who shot for money, and many young gang members shot people dead for a $5000 or just to make a name.

These are not hitmen from movies, with nice costumes and expensive weapons. These are killers from gangs, with hand guns, running after target and shooting it down

And the killers from the gangs are cheap. Instead of searching in local gangs for killers, people now search online

About the Author

This article shows how cruel and inhuman the service of Besa Mafia is, on their Deep Web site.Besa Mafia is real mafia with real hit men, killers and assassins for hire.

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