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Why our PM is also a Marketing Genius

Author: Devesh Chawla
by Devesh Chawla
Posted: Mar 11, 2016
narendra modi

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, post the elections has often been referred to as one of those who left no Marketing tactic unturned towards Brand Modi. Bharitya Janta Party’s head honcho’s victory in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls is a clear indication of how to prepare and implement a successful marketing and branding strategy. It is one of those lessons, which our B-school’s should be teaching our future marketers.

Prior to this, we always wondered if one could ever market themselves in a field like Politics. We had always heard of using publicity to seek victory, but marketing NEVER. We had heard of "Abki Baari Atal Bihari" in 1996 and "Indira Lao Desh Bachao" in 1970’s. But the BJP juggernaut’s "Ab Ki Baar, Modi Sarkaar" struck a chord like none other with the masses. How is the real question? A question which several other contesting parties could not answer. The credit for PM Narendra Modi’s popularity can be accredited to a robust and well planned marketing tactic. Here is why, we say our PM is a Marketing genius.

A. Embracing technology for campaigning

Just like it is vital for any marketing campaign to be aware of their target audience, PM Modi’s campaign was no different. He knew who he had to target and used the right medium to do that?—?Technology. A robust mobile technology strategy allowed him to campaign in nine different languages. Thus, reach out to the rural masses too.

To campaign and convince the youth (considered as the difficult masses to convince), PM made effective use of social media to connect with them. Not only this, but he also made live 3D hologram appearances in several towns and cities of our country. He campaigned in over 700 localities in Uttar Pradesh alone using the 3D hologram technology.

B. The Power of Advertising

Once he knew that his digital and technological initiatives were being well perceived by the masses, he had their attention. In marketing, it is vital to have the attention of the target group. After having impressed them, he convinced them that he was the future through traditional marketing and advertising. Eye catching TV commercials, radio interviews, Twitter chats and so on. "Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar" was the focus of every communication and it was drilled into people’s minds.

Modi was a quick learner, for every action he had multiple plans. He knew if he gave freehand to the advertising brains behind him (Soho Square, Ogilvy and Mather and Madison World), the campaign would certainly flourish. And it indeed did. He allowed them to experiment with Brand Modi on various platforms. He gladly and confidently stood in front of cameras and microphones and happily let rampant tweets be sent in his name. All towards marketing himself.

C. Two way communication?—?Chai pe Charcha

Two way communication is a must when marketing any offering. Why would Brand Modi be any different? PM Narendra Modi was marketing himself as a leader who was ready to face any questions and would answer each of them. Something that the masses were craving for. With "Chai pe Charcha" he hit the bulls eye. Happily answering queries on governance, he erased most doubts that people would have had about him as their future leader. Even after he was elected, he happily used this medium to market himself. Recent examples being of him speaking to Delhi elect Mr. Arvind Kejriwal (one of his closest competitors for the Prime Minister’s post) and the President of the United States of America Mr. Barack Obama.

Narendra Modi leaves no stone unturned to market himself. And why shouldn’t he? He is the People’s Prime Minister and some credit for the same goes to the marketing efforts involved. Marketing Guru Philip Kotler, himself too has become a fan of Modi and has gone on record to state "I’m very high on him, everyone is. Modi is a breath of fresh air."

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