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Advantages Accrued From a Cat Boarding Stoke Facility

Author: Sarah Coolen
by Sarah Coolen
Posted: Mar 12, 2016

Dogs may be man’s best friends but cats make equally affectionate and endearing pets that could prove to be quite enjoyable as companions. Another reason why some people prefer cats is because these four legged creatures are sticklers for cleanliness – because they have a natural fetish for keeping themselves clean, caring for them is easier for the owner. Given the level of attachment it is obviously difficult for the owner to leave them behind while traveling and this is where cat boarding Stoke facilities come in. By entrusting your beloved pet to the care of cat boarding Stoke on Trent, you will be able to travel in peace and enjoy your outing.

If you are likely to travel in the near future, embarking on a search for cattery is a strong recommendation. Rather than leaving behind your cat alone at home or with neighbors or relatives who may not care as much for the animal, a cat boarding Stoke facility is much more reassuring owing to the professional care that it would offer. However, a word of caution here entails that you must check the cattery in person prior to dealing with them. Doing so is the best way to judge the degree of hygiene, food and the living conditions that your cat will be facing for the duration that you will be away.

One of the biggest advantages of cat boarding Stoke on Trent facility is that such houses cater for all kinds of animals. For example, they are aware of the fact that cats by nature are vertical creatures, meaning they like to climb up and down whenever they are presented with an opportunity. Professional cat houses have vertical towers installed within the premises to satisfy this urge. Since cats also love to stay outdoors for some part of the day, an area is designated for them which is free from dogs or other disturbances wherein the animal would have the freedom to roam around as it pleases.

Presence of a veterinarian at a cattery is a must and in addition to daily check-ups they are capable of handling emergencies too. A reputed cat boarding Stoke facility will ensure that your cat receives vaccinations against all the possible contagions which are commonly found among animals. In case your cat might have fallen ill owing to missing you, the veterinary care team would ensure that it recovers from the trauma and is back to its healthy ways. Likewise emergency situations are also acted upon promptly without waiting for the pet owner’s permission if the situation calls for urgent measures.

Diet is probably the trickiest part about leaving your pet in someone else’s care and while cat boarding Stoke on Trent facility would serve both wet and dry types, it would also ensure that the food conforms to the highest quality standards. At such facilities you can also expect the staff as being capable of handling fussy eaters and no matter how fussy your cat is, it will be well-fed as long as you inform them of the pet’s choices and diet plans. Eat, sleep and play are all that your pet would be expected to do when left at the cattery and courtesy of other animals, it can also cultivate some social traits.

Going way on a trip need not be as painful for a pet owner courtesy of cat boarding Stoke ( ) facilities that would take good care of your cat in every way. Because cat boarding Stoke on Trent ( ) facilities also have veterinarians, you need not worry about your cat's health at all and travel in peace.

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