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Mobile Billboards and Their Varying Types

Author: Mobile Bill Boards
by Mobile Bill Boards
Posted: Apr 01, 2016

Mobile billboards are in actual fact billboards or advertising on wheels. Mobile billboards serve the same function as stationary billboards in the sense that they both advertise with the use of large scale prints but with the former covering more people with its mobility. With billboard style advertising, you have control over your advertising message and with mobile billboard advertising, that message can go where ever you need it to the most. If your company is part of a fund raiser, you can plant the billboard truck near to where it is, and even people who drive past will remember your company.

The biggest advantage of this type of advertising is that people cannot ignore it, no matter what they try. You can easily change the channel on a television, effortlessly throw away a newspaper, and simply turn off the radio. However, what will you do about a gigantic Billboard? Look the other way?

Mobile billboards can go wherever and your product/company can be promoted even in the places where you cannot ordinarily place huge outdoor billboards. They move in all parts and corners of the city like airport, hospitals, main roads, parks, highway, outside and etc. They offer you exposure in expensive uptown communities, main stores and shopping centres and even in places where people go and work. There are some places where mobile billboards on trucks are not allowed simply because of the increase in traffic and congestion that they sometimes add to. With adbikes, you can get a smaller version of your big billboard and have it traverse these places without adding to the traffic and without violating any laws. Every place where there is public your advertisement is going to be there to deliver them you message. Mobile billboard advertising is definitely the best way to make people hear your voice.

For Mobile Billboards, and Truck Side Advertising in the UAE, Image Matters is probably your best bet. No matter who your target audience, they are sure to be the ones with a solution for you.

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