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Benefits of “Bespoke” Software over 'Off The Shelf' Software

Author: Mike Purday
by Mike Purday
Posted: May 06, 2016
bespoke software

If you are thinking to invest in enterprise software, then one of the very first thing you need to decide is whether to use Bespoke or Off the Shelf Software. Off-the-shelf software is designed to suit a broad range of customers whereas, bespoke is a tailor-made that is built to suit the needs of an individual or an organisation. Check the benefits of "Bespoke" over 'Off the Shelf' Software below.

  • Bespoke software is specially tailored to your precise needs and it will fit your business and perform exactly as you want.
  • You will receive support from the same team who built the software. Moreover, working with software developers in Cambridge will help you to adapt any changes in your business quickly. You can update the software as and when a requirement arises.
  • Bespoke paves way for increased productivity and helps to avoid the unnecessary costs incurred due to repetitive data entry.
  • You will enjoy better support for your bespoke software as you will be in direct contact with the developers who understands your needs and business better.
  • Your bespoke will be unique and it sets you apart from your competitors. It also addresses the specific needs of your clients as it is designed to work in a way you wanted to.
  • You will experience greater accuracy with bespoke software. It improves accuracy by automating the system and reduces the probability of human error.
  • You can cope up with your customer demands easily as bespoke allows you to make changes in no time. You can react immediately and implement changes that arise due to customer demands, any new legislation, etc. It is highly scalable.
  • Although Off the Shelf software comes with many additional features, you are simply paying for the features you will never use. Whereas, bespoke is tailored to meet your needs and you can choose the applications you require and knock out the unwanted functions that will slow down your system.

The above mentioned are few advantages of bespoke software. It delivers more competitive advantages to your business.

Being able to work with legacy systems can provide significant cost benefits by reducing the need to replace older machinery and extending the lifespan of existing hardware and software.

The Author is an experienced Software Consultants in Cambridge and an experienced professional in design and development. For Software development in Cambridge, visit the website.

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Product Technology Partners is a design and development consultancy specialising in software and systems for product development and bespoke applications. PTP is an ISO 9001 certified Engineering Consultancy.

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