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Indian Astrology by Date of Birth – Collect Information on different 'Grahas' and ‘Planets’

Author: Sameer Bhatnagar
by Sameer Bhatnagar
Posted: May 26, 2016

India is known as a land of astrology. From last many ages, astrology has always been considered as a popular discipline of study. The legendary kings as well as emperors of different races and religions in India were capable clients of Indian astrology. Begin with the courageous king ‘Chandragupta Vikramaditya’ in the renowned Mughal emperor ‘Akbar’ all had appointed astrologers in their courts. Not only this, Vedic astrology in India had found an important status. The four Vedas that speak at length about the diverse potential of life, also highly explain the secrets of astrology estimation

Vedic astrology basically stresses on the cycles of life. The calculation of astrology is based on the birth time and date of an individual. This old Indian science also highlights of a keen study of planetary positions as well as astral place, as it supposes that the planets control human lives.

Earlier it was supposed, according to the Vedic astrology that only stars manipulate the conditions of human lives. But after prolonged research, it is proved that the zodiac sign, or definite constellations of stars, in its calculation factors. The system incorporated, 27 constellations, in which there are 12 zodiac signs, 9 planets and 12 houses.

There are main subdivision of Indian astrology named as Mundake astrology, Siddhanta astrology, and Hora astrology. Each of these subdivisions also has numerous small branches as well as categories. The flowing together of Indian Vedic cultures as well as Buddhist traditions merged at different proportions and formed different variants of this branch of Vedic science. The learning also reached the distant monasteries of Buddhist areas growing into completely diverse sorts of astrological practice.

Indian astrology has also been flourished in the following era. Islamic rulers as well as conquerors brought in African and East European use of different symbols in order to make predictions. Prediction by talking parrot is also popular in some areas. At present, the face of Indian astrology has changed significantly. Famous astrologer onlineis gaining huge popularity due to easy access to a chart or kundli making choices online. Different software programs now make astrological calculations very simple and thus making predictions becomes an easy job for the people who is looking for Online Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja for marriage.

1. Some of the reputed websites based on astrology provide free horoscope services. Indian Astrology By Date Of Birth The client, members as well as customers can find their birth-chart prepared immediately simply by just adding the right time and date of birth.

When it comes to matchmaking, the process has become easy as free astrology sites are offering the services to their clients. Matrimonial websites also have links with different free as well as paid astrological websites that make the online birth-charts of future boy and girl. Moreover, various free astrology applications are also available on social networking websites.

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Well, the starting letter of a person’s name also is assigned as per the astrological sign. Indian astrology by date of birth can prepare a birth chart of a baby. This birth chart states about the positioning of the Planets

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