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Relax and care your health during your golf holiday

Author: Jurgen Hornbostel
by Jurgen Hornbostel
Posted: Jun 14, 2016

The majority of people have as purpose to relax during the holiday, but after a few days of staying on the beach and sunbathing, you might feel a little bored, and you might look for a way to cheer up your days. Well, you have the possibility to do this in Mauritius, because there are many golf courses where you can meet new people, and take part to an activity, which helps you, relax and have fun in the same time. Golf it is known as a sport of leisure and it is one of the most popular sports of the world, so you would definitely find some other players who would skip a few hours from the beach for playing golf. And if you are not convinced that you should play golf in Mauritius, you should know that this sport has plenty of benefits.

Because you have to play golf in a large course, you will have to spend a lot of time outdoor, and when it is not your turn to propel the ball, you can admire the surroundings, and enjoy the songs of the birds from this paradisiac place. Basking in nature would provide you many health benefits for your body and mind, and you will charge your batteries for when you would have to come back at work. There are plenty of studies, which show that when staying on a golf course in Mauritius you are exposed to a green area, which relaxes your body and reduces the stress you accumulated while working. Also, because you would be exposed to sun the level of vitamin D of your body will raise and it would reduce the risk of heart diseases and depression. Other reason would be that you have the perfect opportunity to keep in touch with your friends and make new ones, because plenty of tourists come in Mauritius and they long for some moments on the course. Golf is not a competitive sport, and you have enough time to interact with fellow players and meet each other.

When in a holiday you might find difficult to stay in shape, because you are tempted to taste every type of local food. In addition, you might not find suitable to train during your holiday, but playing golf is an entertaining activity, during which you do not have to do a lot of effort, even if it helps you burn calories. You will have to walk a lot to cover the course, but you would not even feel tired, because you will be too enthusiastic for the play. And in case you opt to carry your own clubs, you will burn more calories, in a fun and pleasant way. Golf is a great sport for the holiday, when you do not want to get injured, but you want to take part to activities which help you relax. Because it is not a contact sport, you will not experience any injury. This sport is based on coordination, strategy and accuracy, so you will train both your brain and body.

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