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Acquire an Effective Web Design to Stay Distinct in the Virtual World

Author: Orange Mantra
by Orange Mantra
Posted: Jun 25, 2016
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Web design is not just about the look and feel, but the way it works. An effective design could be judged by the users and not the owners. There are several influential factors which affect the usability and functionality of the website. A website without a proper design tend to perform poorly and carries sub-optimal Google Analytics metrics with high bounce rate, low spent time on the site, low visits of pages leading to low conversions. Henceforth, contracting a well-reputed web design company for developing a website serves the sole purpose of website development and it must be the first priority to move online.

Some of the web design principles which makes the website aesthetic, effective, easy to use, and engaging are as follows.

The web page must solve the intended purpose of the user like data, interaction, entertainment, or business transaction. It must fulfill the need of the website user in the most effective way.

These days people find boring and may not get time to read intense content. The theme must be conveyed in a simpler and shorter way. Some of the tactics include the use of headlines, subheadlines, bullet points instead of long paragraphs or the sentences.

The sans serif fonts like Arial, Verdana are legible to read when typed in an ideal font size of 16px. Adoption of three typefaces and three point sizes keeps the web design streamlined.

Most of the website development services today take a keen interest in the color pattern of the website. The complementary colors are known to create a complete balance and harmony. White space, use of vibrant colors to call of actions provides an uncluttered look to the website.

The use of high-quality professional photos, graphics, infographics, and, videos communicate more clearly about the theme, product and/or the services rendered in an effective way.

The navigation must be made easy with logical page hierarchy, clickable buttons that follow the three click rules is important and makes the visitor easy to take action or navigate around the website.

The content must be placed in an order. A grid based layout wherein the content is arranged as sections, columns or the boxes gives a balanced look for the developed website.

The eye tracking studies show that people scan in an "F" pattern. Most of the people see from the top and the left side of the screen. Therefore, it is important to design the website effectively with the visual flow and natural behavior of the reader.

The most important thing is to have a responsive website with no downtime. Whenever there comes a necessity to visit a website development company to review or optimize the existing website or to get a right design from the ground up, it is wise to have these elements or principles of web design in mind to get an engaging, useful, and functional website.

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The author works for a leading web development company and is an expert in rendering professional website design for all types businesses.

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