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Ways to Transfer Big Files over an Email

Author: Armstrong Louis
by Armstrong Louis
Posted: Jul 12, 2016

Has it ever happened that you made an attempt to send large files through an email and you simply discovered that you can’t do that because your email service is unable to allow you to transfer large files. Most email servers typically do not accept attachments that are over 10MB, except Gmail, outlook, yahoo that allow attachments nearly 25MB. In case this limit exceeds, email servers will impose limit on your desired email attachment.

Why you can’t send large files utilising an email?

You can actually send emails with file attachments that might be 10MB and in some cases nearly 25 MB. Email attachment standards never specify any limit over the size of the attachment. Therefore, lots of people are unaware of the limit. The attachment restriction is likely not uniform and is different from server to server. Emails travel through several mail transfer agents at the time emails are sent, thus, the attachment that is actually attached to the email can usually get rejected by their server while surfing through various transfer agents.

Other factor that determines the large attachments is MIME encoding. Generally, all of the email attachments are MIME encoded. When an attachment goes through the encoding process, the dimension of the attachment is increased. Therefore, if you're sending an attachment that is actually 10MB it will definitely get bigger by 33 %( approximately). One must have in mind the MIME factor while sending large files.

Things that can be done to avoid large file sending trouble

Just like the demand to send large files is increasing, new ways to send larger files have already been discovered. Using the evolution of technology, sending large files is much easier than what it was previuosly. Web storage is shrinking in volume with the increase of bandwidth. One may now share bigger attachments like photos, HD videos etc., that may measured in GB.

There are certain paid and free services that enable you to send large attachments. The following are few free techniques to send large file attachments.

Creating and sending multi-part archives

With a purpose to send large files using the most traditional way, then you have the ability to choose the DIY method. First technique is to shrink the files. If you happen to be closer towards extreme limits which might be sent through an email, compress the file using an application or program. If you experience that your file is too big to be compressed directly into maximum limit of attachments you then definitely must split the file into smaller parts. Smaller aspects of the main file are then sent to the receiver by attaching them to separate emails. For some, this manner can work but this method gets messy if ever the receiver struggles to extract the main file from the smaller parts. Therefore, sender must choose easier solution for the receiver’s ease.

Use a large file transferring site

Have you learnt how to email large file? Large file sending services can be the perfect answer you are browsing for. These services help you to upload large files of 2GB or 3GB that you may send to 20 or more contacts. The receiver of this very attachment can download the file in the device. These services are often free. Anybody can either register with service provider or send large files such as a guest. Registered members get advantage like transferring files of larger size or more contacts etc. An individual can also store the files inside the cloud storage of the very service provider and additionally the service provider generates a link of the saved file. This link can then be shared through email. The receiver among the many of link can usually get ability to access the unique content of the link. The large file transfer service gives you the convenience to lock the link with password. Thus, the person who knows the password can certainly reach or load the saved files.

Large file transfer service has made sharing photos clip with relatives and friends easier.

One can also integrate their cloud storage into their email service. File may well be kept in the cloud storage after which the receiver can easily be informed of the fact that file are actually shared.

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