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Plasma Sterilizer for Low Temperature Sterilization of Equipment

Author: Marketing Moonmed
by Marketing Moonmed
Posted: Jul 28, 2016
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Demands of sophisticated sterilization techniques are increasing with each passing day. The impact of bacteria, viruses and other microbes are increasing and it is important to combat them with the help of effective sterilization techniques. This is the reason you will find that almost all OPD departments in hospitals and general clinics have a table top sterilizer installed. Such sterilizing machines are smaller in size and compact in appearance. Infact all operation theaters have such sterilizers installed so that the equipments once used can be sterilized immediately. Also instruments that are dropped during an operation need to be sterilized and they will need to use a fast "Flash Cycle "around 10 minutes. Good quality sterilizers have to ensure that there are no chances of infections from the instruments that have been sterilized. This can be proved using a biological test. The MoonMed Plasma Sterilizers come with an optional built in biological incubator on the front panel of the autoclave which is extremely helpful in checking that the sterilization cycles are working properly.

An advanced sterilizer working on plasma technology

Plasma technology is used and implemented in many places and the same is used in the sterilizer too. This advanced technology is used in the plasma sterilizer. The device mainly uses vapor from hydrogen peroxide and low-temperature gas plasma for sterilizing the majority of equipment and instruments. The best thing about these sterilizers is that there is no toxic residue left after the cycle. For wrapped and dry instruments and equipments, it takes almost an hour to 75 minutes for the process to be completed compared to other low temperature sterilization that can take up to sixteen hours to complete a cycle.

Theory behind sterilizers that use plasma technology

If you want to sterilize "heat sensitive and moisture sensitive" devices like light cords, cameras and scopes, you can choose the process of plasma sterilization easily. Choose a suitable model for the purpose. The temperature range in which these sterilizers operate comes between 104°F - 131°F which is around 50°C. There is no need for any aeration in this process and it is completely safe and secure for the environment. Hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient that is used in this kind of sterilizer. If you are looking for a table top sterilizer of this variety, you might find it quite easily in the MoonMed range.

Buying good quality sterilizer

Whether you are investing in a plasma sterilizer or in a table top sterilizer working on some different technology, it is important to choose the right device in any case. There are many companies that manufacture such devices for medical use as well as for use in some other industry. It is recommended that you select the right manufacturer like Moonmed for checking these items. Also when purchasing the item, ensure that you are covered by a warranty so that in case any problem arises, you will have adequate coverage for the same. Without fast and effective sterilization devices, disinfecting/sterilizing equipment and tools will be impossible which will lead to in adequate sterilization and thus more infections.

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