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How Martial Arts Can Keep You Healthy

Author: Umaa Hallam
by Umaa Hallam
Posted: Sep 26, 2016

There is an inherent irony in the modern world, which is that even though life has become fast paced, lifestyles have only become more sedentary and passive. Whereas our ancestors had active lifestyles and engaged in physical exercise as a natural component of their daily lives, today, people are either slouched in front of their laptops or busy driving or commuting from place to place with very little physical exercise incorporated in the daily routine.

Why exercise is essential to health

There are well researched studies that point to the necessity of physical exercise for the human body to keep fit and the human mind to keep fresh and positive. It has been shown that exercise benefits not just the body but the mind as well. It helps to keep stress at bay, relieving depression and anxiety. With the modern lifestyle being one that involves a great deal of multitasking, with people taking on a whole lot of responsibilities, getting stressed is very easy. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain which has been shown to be instrumental in beating stress and uplifting the mood.

How martial arts training can keep you healthy

Martial arts training is not just for self-defense, as most people think. It is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise too. Regular cardiovascular exercise helps to keep the heart healthy, blood circulation moving, and toxins flushed out of the body. It helps to improve stamina and strength. It successfully increases balance and coordination, which is especially helpful for senior citizens. As age catches up, coordination and balance is affected and gets deteriorated. With regular martial arts training that starts at an early age, this can be counter-affected to a great degree.

Another way in which martial arts training can help is by providing a community of like-minded people. The sense of community is something that is missing in modern life. Being connected in a group goes a long way in keeping the heart healthy and mind positive. A professional martial arts school provides these benefits to people who attend regularly.

Benefits of training in a martial arts school

Whereas nowadays you can get most training online, there are several advantages to enrolling yourself in a professional martial arts school near your home or office or school/university, such as near to Australia Suburbs Hallam, Narre Warren & Berwick. Here, you will get reliable training from professionals who have spent years mastering the science and art of martial arts. There is nothing like learning from the masters when you are starting or if you want to really deepen your knowledge and skills in martial arts.

Getting yourself trained in a school, also ensures that you get regular feedback from teachers which can help you on your path. It will also help protect you from injuries that can occur if you try to do it yourself without proper training.

Other significant health benefits of martial arts training

  • -You get a total body workout in a totally fun way without getting bored!

  • -You lose weight effortlessly and naturally, with many of your cravings for unhealthy food naturally getting sublimated as your mind gets increasingly calm and disciplined. You will not just burn fat, but also calories as one hour of martial arts of moderate intensity can easily burn more than 500 calories!

  • -Your reflexes improve drastically, which can even help save your life, such as when you are driving.

  • -Muscle mass is increased when you practice martial arts, which results in higher metabolism, which leads to greater weight loss and agility.

The benefits of martial arts extend to far more than just self-defense as can be seen from this!

About the Author

SiFu Henry Araneda is a founder of Ultimate Martial Arts Academy located in Hallam, Australia. He is a certified instructor under The International Martial Arts Alliance from last 12 years.

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