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Myths debunked regarding hair transplant in Abu Dhabi

Author: Sarah Macadams
by Sarah Macadams
Posted: Oct 06, 2016
hair transplant

hair transplant in Abu Dhabi is thought of as the only permanent cure to fight baldness and achieve a fuller head of hair. Still, there are some myths and speculations associated with the technique. In this article, we will debunk the top myths associated with hair transplant.

Hair transplant will provide you the thickness you once had

No, it’s not true; you won’t be able to restore the thickness you once had if you have gone from a thick head of hair to going completely bald. However, hair transplant has the ability to camouflage baldness and give you a youthful appearance. You shouldn’t expect to go from being completely bald to achieving a fuller head of hair in just one night. It can take up to a year to restore your hair completely after transplant. However, the results will be permanent and natural looking.

Hair transplant is a pain full procedure

No, not at all…hair transplant in Abu Dhabi is not a painful procedure at all. During the procedure, you are administered anesthesia which makes the surgery pain free. Even after the transplant, you won’t experience extreme pain. However, the recovery phase might be accompanies by slight pain and discomfort which can easily be controlled by taking pain killers.

Your head will be covered in bandages

If you have undergone a FUT Hair transplant in Abu Dhabi, you might have one bandage around the strip extraction area. If you undergo a FUE hair transplant technique, then you won’t have any bandages. It’s unlike other surgeries, where you will be covered with bandages for a month or two. You can resume your daily activities a few days after the surgery and in about a month, you will be able to perform every single task normally.

Hair transplant can leave ugly scars

This is a common assumption that hair transplants can leave ugly and nasty scars for the rest of your life. It is not such a case. In the case of follicular unit transplant, you will have a linear scar on the back of your scalp which will be hidden under your hair unless you decide to go for a really cropped hair cut. In the case of follicular unit extraction, there will be no ugly scars left even if you decide to go for a cropped look.

You should get hair transplant at an early stage of hair loss

It is absolutely ridiculous to get a hair transplant at an earlier stage of hair loss as your hair loss will still be progressing further. You don’t know whether you will lose hair on hair line or the crown area. It is better to wait unless your hair loss has developed a pattern and is no longer progressing further. Patients are advised to wait at least when they are 30 years of age.

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