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Martial Arts in Wollongong – Factors to Look for Before Joining a Class

Author: Nathan Jons
by Nathan Jons
Posted: Nov 05, 2016
martial arts

A commitment to martial arts requires considerable investment of time and money which is precisely why it is imperative to know what you are getting into. Probably the first thought that will come to your mind is to choose a good school which offers training for the best martial arts in Wollongong. Precisely for this reason, you need to be smart about selecting a school or institution.

Needless to say, a bad choice for a martial arts school can be an expensive lesson which is why you should follow this guide to educate yourself.

There’s no doubt that there are several varieties of martial arts schools out there ranging from expensive health-club-like types to open air warehouses. Since these schools aren’t regulated by any governing body, anyone can open a school and proclaim that they offer the best martial arts in Wollongong. But obviously, this is not always the case.

Contrary to perception, there are many things to look for beyond pricing, convenient schedules and amenities. It’s understandable that most of you might consider price and facility as the most important factors but in reality, there are other aspects which are far more essential.

Some of these factors are:-

Objectives: Before you even start looking for these schools, you need to determine your goals you want to achieve through a martial arts training. You want to feel good and super confident, right? Well, that’s not enough to be a motivator for you; your goals will be.

It’s a fact that most individuals don’t even last a couple of months of consistent martial arts training. This is not due to the lack of motivation but because these people hadn’t set a goal to achieve.

Class dynamic: You should always a martial arts school in two parts – content and context. The context of these schools comprises of the training methods and the environment of classes. More often than not, the context is much more important than the content (which comprises of training materials that needs to be learnt). Some of the contexts which you should look for are:-

  • The collective energy or mood of the students and instructors
  • How the equipment and amenities are used
  • Methods used for training
  • Quality of services
  • Structure of the training systems
  • Flow of the class
  • The best way to evaluate a class of martial arts in Wollongong is by watching or participating in it. You can determine whether you need a large group or small.

    Student results: Like for any other service providers, the client feedback is by far the most important thing. Here, the students are the clients of martial arts school and you can know more about the school than any other thing. You should observe the ration of advanced students to beginners. Ideally, you will want the school to have a lot of advanced and intermediate students. This means that the school was able to retain their students over a long time. Student dynamics also reveal how the instructor instils leadership and other skills within the students.

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