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The right way to Print Mugs Using Sublimation Printing

Author: Batra Novelties
by Batra Novelties
Posted: Nov 08, 2016
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One of the most popular ways to customize a coffee cup is by adding complete color photography to it, in an effort to preserve a memory, promote an event, or even to create an unique gift. The adding full color images to espresso mugs may seem to be as somewhat of a secret to some, but once one sees just how simple the sublimation process is, they may want to create one themselves! Ceramic mugs Manufacturer

The sublimation process is often employed by small businesses, or even for crafts away of a home or garage, which goes to show how simple you should complete yourself. By simply using this method, you can use full-color, comprehensive artwork for your cup, without worrying about it fading, scratching, or damaged. The artwork is long term. To create your own full color sublimation cup, you will need to personalize your mugs are sublimation coffee mugs, lined with special sublimation finish, sublimation paper, inks, take (heat-resistant), a bucket of water, and a sublimation heat press. Most of these products can be found at the local build store, or online from a printing supplier. This kind of may be better, as printing suppliers can often provide you the items needed in bulk, wholesale prices.

Once your artwork has been prepared, it is printed with dye-sub tattoo onto your special sublimation paper. The ink is usually far denser that regular printed paper. You must then cut off any excess paper so you can commence moving the image. First, middle your artwork on the coated sublimation mug and then apply heat-resistant record to continue to keep it in place. The mug and artwork is then ready to be transferred into the high temperature press. The mug then takes 3-5 clamped into the sublimation heat-press, which heats your mug approach to transfer the printer. What makes sublimation different those other printing methods is the way that the artwork is transported onto a product. Whenever heated to such extreme temperatures, the ink your artwork is printed with gets so hot, it is absorbed by the mug material itself. Following the 3-5 minutes have elapsed; you can remove your mug from the heat press, take off the tape and a Muslim, and then place it into a bucket of water. The is crucial to the process, allowing the mug to cool quickly, permanently sealing in the sublimation inks, making the art and mug one single product. Ceramic mugs Manufacturer

Due to the way that the ink transfer process occurs, the sublimation process provides much more vibrant results than can be performed with regular printing, or even with full color decals. As the ink itself is absorbed into the product, it is practically as if you are looking into a full color picture itself, rather than a printed mug. This is exactly why sublimation image mugs are getting to be such popular gifts and souvenirs for events and occasions of every kind.

Sublimation Mugs are one of the very most popular custom presents, promotional items, and mementos. Unlike regular printing, these vibrant and eye-popping Whole Color Photo Mugs allow you to preserve your chosen memories for years to come.

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