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Star war games: The force unleashed

Author: Ronie Ikardi
by Ronie Ikardi
Posted: Nov 22, 2016
new characters

We all are very familiar with the star war series and there are many games made on this movie. The famous star wars computer games are made by the LucasArts and this version of this game is the most popular among all versions. Besides this, it is released on playsation 2, Xbox 360, wii, playsation 3 etc. Besides this, there are many video games of star wars which are awarded as best video games.

The game release worldwide in many countries like Australia, North America, Europe etc and players from all around the world can easily download it from the internet. Also, latest addition of this game is available in the market. So, let’s look what is new in the game?

New adventures

The game consists of new adventures and you will not get a chance to play with the best opponent. Each level consist some amazing story line and have some new characters. You will now get various interesting missions and go on new adventures with your fellow friends. Get all your latest gadgets and weapons and be the savior of the galaxy. Also, the game HD graphics are alluring and will give you a realistic experience.

New characters

Well every new version of game has new characters in it but the characters in this game are fascinating. The look given to the new characters are just amazing and their dress up and style is just like a warrior and they look cool in it. Also, the characters are quite colorful which look so beautiful on the screen. Besides this, each character in the game has their own special move powers and weapons which can be used against enemy to win the challenge.

User friendly game

If the game is not user friendly then it is of no use as not many of us are interested in playing complicated games. But this version of star war game is user friendly and even a new players can understand the game in just one turn. So, you don’t need to be a master of this game in order to enjoy it. Because it is user friendly, the game is expanded and now it is available on Microsoft and MacOS.

About the game features

Taking about the game features, they are hilarious and its features are listed below:

  • Players can enjoy the gameplay because it is astonishing and will give you a next world experience.
  • Layout of the gamer is marvelous and you will not find a single shortcoming in this game and definitely not disappoint you.
  • Besides this, the storyline of the game is compelling and it is also impressive. Also, its storyline is really appealing and this is an important part of the game USP.
  • This 3rd person action game is amazing as the weapons of the characters are lightsaber through which players can enjoy their playing. With the push of one button you will be going to experience the unexpected and exciting.

The Force Unleashed are one of a kind game and you will not find a game like this. This game is just ultimate and a new revolution in the gaming world.

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Ronie Ikardi is technology addict, computer geek and lover of the newest games!

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