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Top Things to Know Before Buying Properties in Fiji

Author: Catherine Walsh
by Catherine Walsh
Posted: Nov 29, 2016

Fiji is becoming an ideal destination for foreigners to settle permanently buying a property. The country is situated in the Southern Pacific Ocean. It is an archipelago consisting of 333 islands, and only 110 islands are suitable for human habitation. The white sand beaches, virgin tropical forests, and beautiful landscapes attract people from different regions of the country. Private islands have been developed to offer an amazing holiday experience to tourists. Spending time with loved ones become fantastic soon after stepping in Fiji.

Settling in Fiji is an ideal way of escaping the traffic jams and city blues. The country is peaceful with beautiful sightseeing and landscapes that are hardly found in other nations. The turquoise water sceneries offer a fantastic view and cherishable experience during the trip. Island hopping, sightseeing, and exploring the sea views are wonderful activities for people.

Facts about Fiji Real Estate Industry

If you’re planning to buy properties in Fiji, it is essential to keep certain things in mind. No doubt, it is a perfect destination for people looking for a peace and beautiful place for relocation. The real estate industry has started growing drastically after returning of democracy in the country. The impressive growth rate has won the confidence of investors to make an investment in the country.

It is estimated that Fiji real estate has grown over a 100% in the last decade. The growth rate is set to continue even in the future years. Investors can make an investment in the real estate companies up to 49% in collaboration with a local firm. It is essential for investors and property buyers to hire authorised real estate agents to get guidance and get information about the actual estate industry in detail.

Amended Land Sales Act of Fiji 2014

Buying a property is still cheap and straightforward for foreigners in Fiji. But it is essential for foreigners to follow certain guidelines set by Fijian parliament in 2014. Otherwise, the immigrants will land into trouble and get entangled by legal issues after buying properties.

Fijian parliament passed a new Land Sales Act in 2014. As per the Act, foreigners can’t own properties from the cities but allowed from the rural areas. Foreign nationals who have bought properties from cities need to sell to native people only. Further, Fiji property for sales enables a foreigner to find right properties as per budget and requirement. It is more profitable for foreigners to buy properties from remote areas as it contains more beautiful land plots to build a home.

Build a Home in Fiji

Building a home is the best choice for people to relocate to Fiji. Buying of a land plot is straightforward but needs a longer time in the transaction. You need permission from the Ministry of Land buying more than an acre of land in Fiji. A temporary residence visa or a work permit is required to be eligible to purchase properties in the country. Use the property for sale in Fiji to find a suitable land for sale and use in building a house. Foreigners need to spend a minimum of $150K in the construction of the house. Contact our experts to buy properties at affordable prices in the market.

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