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Workers Compensation Attorney in Atlanta: Help Get the Money That You Deserve

Author: Reislaw Llc
by Reislaw Llc
Posted: Feb 25, 2014

In Georgia, like other states, people with job related injuries are covered by their employer's workers compensation insurance. When a person is injured on the job, they are required to file a claim through the workers compensation program. However, in many cases, filing a claim and getting proper compensation for job related injuries is not a simple matter. Quite often, insurance companies will deny legitimate claims made by injured workers. Insurance companies are in the business of making money, and one way to make money is to collect insurance premiums while limiting payments to claimants. People injured on the job need a worker’s compensation attorney in Atlanta to get the money that they deserve.

Workers compensation attorneys are specialists within the legal community. They are trained and experienced in evaluating and litigating workers compensation claims. Workers compensation law is complicated and every case is different. A workers compensation attorney in atlanta is an expert at evaluating the seriousness and extent of a worker's injuries. In many cases, a worker's injuries have long lasting and lifetime implications that limit their ability to earn money in the future. Insurance companies make it their business to downplay the extent of a worker's injuries. In many cases, the insurance companies will deny the worker’s claims entirely. That is when a worker’s compensation lawyer is needed.

A workers compensation attorney in atlanta has years of experience in arguing with insurance companies and winning. Insurance companies will use every excuse to keep from paying on a claim. They will say that they don't believe that the worker was injured on the job. Or, they will admit that the worker was injured but deny that the injury was serious and debilitating. They will also say that although the employee was injured, he is fine and can still work. Insurance companies will also say that the worker was injured due to his own misconduct. They will accuse the worker of being drunk or on drugs at the time of the accident. If not contested by a legal professional, these allegations can lead to the denial of a claim or a serious reduction in the settlement amount given to the injured worker.

Workers compensation lawyers will fight each and every allegation made by the insurance company in order to deprive a worker of the just compensation that he is entitled to as a result of his injuries. A Workers Comp Attorney in Atlanta will present expert testimony from medical professionals that prove the extent of the worker's injuries. They will also interview witnesses and present other evidence that disputes any other claims made by the insurance company. This expert legal assistance is essential in getting an insurance company to pay the worker a just amount for his injuries.

People injured on the job should not try to take an insurance company themselves. They should hire a worker’s compensation attorney in Atlanta to handle to fight for them.

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