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How Quotes Can Motivate People To Care About Animal Welfare

Author: Animal Matters
by Animal Matters
Posted: May 18, 2017

People use quotes a lot. They use them to become inspired and to get motivated. Quotes about animal welfare, for example, can help people to stay focused or even encourage people to get involved in saving animals. But why are quotes so effective? How do they help people? Here’s a look at the power of quotes.

A Combination of Factors

There are many reasons why people find quotes about animal rights so inspiring. In fact, it is a combination of things. First, a good quote needs to use words wisely. Being able to put together words in a way that flows and sounds beautiful is the hallmark of a good quote. Second, the quote needs to say something that reaches people on an emotional level. Finally, the quote needs to come from a trusted source. While there are some quotes that have become almost generic, most of the powerful quotes that people use to motivate them and that really resonates with them are the ones that were spoken by people they admire and respect.

Depends on the Person

In addition to the actual quotes about animal welfare being effective, the person hearing the quote needs to be receptive. Not everyone is motivated by quotes. Some people simply are not that tied to words and therefore they don’t have a great effect on them. For these people, quotes probably won’t serve as a great source of wisdom or inspiration. For those who are receptive, though, quotes can have a strong effect.

Some people simply want someone to look up to. They want someone to tell them how to think and believe. They will grasp onto a well worded statement, and it becomes their mantra. An excellent quote may even cause some sort of reaction in the brain that helps people feel good. It can give people the ability to look up to someone or to grasp an idea that really resonates.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to quotes about animal welfare, it really takes a combination of factors to make them work. If you don’t have all the factors, then the quote will fall flat. Even more important, people have to be emotionally connected to the quote in order for it to have an effect.

The bottom line really is that everything has to fall into place nicely for a quote to become one of those inspirational pieces that moves people to do things and gets them focused on whatever the quote is about. If people are not open to what the quote is saying, then it will fall flat.

A quote can be very powerful when it has all the elements required. Quotes often are used to help people through tough times, get them focused on a goal or even help them to understand issues better. They can enable people to stay strong in the face of adversity and focused on what is going well. When it comes to animal welfare, quotes can make people get motivated to help and to do their part in making the world better for animals.

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Author: Animal Matters

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