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5 Facts Of CRM Software

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Jul 13, 2017
crm software

CRM or customer relationship management has helped organizations and businesses to enhance the relationships with the customer. CRM has proved to be one of the most valuable assets. Some of the best CRM software for small business have able to gain customer satisfaction that has enabled their businesses to flourish.

1. Implementing best CRM software will able to gain a complete understanding of the customer:

The CRM system helps in gathering information data related to the customers under one roof. The data can be used for the purpose of analysis and forecasting that ultimately enables increase in customer experience. When the customers are happy they will recommend the brand to the family members and friends.

2. CRM is more than just a software:

As a centre for building relationships with the customer it definitely offers much more than what a software offers. It enables the business with the best possible understandings of the customer. The marketing team then as per the experience create strategies in order to market the product from then. Smart decisions on improvements in the business as well as the relationship with the customers

3. Protection of customer data:

The details of your customers are very critical and important. While keeping the data on notepad and files can be lost. Database can get corrupt without any prior intimations. Here CRM is a place that is safest and accessible whenever you need it.

4. Easy access to the customer data:

With cloud CRM, we are able to access to customer anywhere and anytime. The organization's sales personnel will be able to access the data even on the move real time. Cloud CRM update the customer's data real time, completely accessible and secure anytime of the day.

5. Help analyse potential leads:

When you have an access to the customers real time data like the buying history and demographics you will be able to identity the potential customers for your business. It allows to look at the data quickly, accurately,

Other benefits associated with CRM

  1. Better customer understandings
  2. An intelligent email inboxes that enable and show related customer deals so that one can do the research and work out a customer engagement program
  3. The components in the CRM are varied and different goals like acquisition, retention, and improved customer value

Features of CRM software

  • Capturing of leads from varied sources
  • Assign, track and manage sales and leads with activities
  • Managing the opportunities and sales in the pipeline with stages
  • A professional PDF can be sent through the CRM
  • Plan activities with team with use of email and SMS
  • Availability of mobile CRM for field works
  • API integration and plugins for third party software integration
  • Automation in email and SMS
  • Customization of form, fields and reports depending on your business

Mobile CRM features

  • Planning of the day to day activity in the mobile
  • Visit updates with just one click
  • Call, email and SMS through the app
  • Maps and customer addresses
  • GPS location based daily activities
  • Works on both android and IOS

CRM software for small business have improved a number company’s integration with its customers and thus have increased the revenue through sales. For more info, website:

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