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App-based Walkie Talkie Vs Radio Based Walkie Talkie

Author: Alison Henry
by Alison Henry
Posted: Oct 03, 2017
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Are you wondering whether walkie talkie apps will replace radio-based walkie talkie in the enterprise usage? If so, this article is worth a read.

Speaking the truth, many walkie talkie apps have been rolled back after operational concerns and not so good experiences. However, there are some apps such as Zello work that are working better. But, in the walkie talkie app, you may have some performance issues. If you want to make your smartphone to be a Walike Talkie by downloading an app, you should expect the issues and need to prepare for that.

Usually, enterprises have some objectives while deploying smartphone to walkie talkies. They think walkie talkie apps are better than the walkie talkie radios. In reality, walkie talkie apps don’t match up the features and performance of walkie talkies. There are several reasons in it. Let’s understand some of these issues in detail while observing the rating system.

According to experts, 8 out of 10 ratings are given to those who say there is no difference between walkie talkie and walkie talkie apps. 6 out of 7 ratings are given to those who call the app-based communication device almost the radio-based Walkie Talkie.

Precisely speaking,

  • Most walkie talkie apps require an internet connection whereas radios based walkie talkie don’t need network or any device.
  • App performance depends on the internet speed. Where there is no connection, apps are good for nothing. You will unable to either send or receive messages.
  • Luckily if cell connection is really spotty, using Walkie Talkie Apps is really a bad experience.

Push-to-talk services allow users to start talking soon after pushing PTT button. There is no delay in it. In two-way walkie talkie radio systems, the delay from the time the PTT button is pushed and the transmission starts is measured in milliseconds.

Overall, a radio-based walkie talkie is better than the app based walkie talkies. You should not replace your traditional talkie talkie if you want to increase productivity of your business.

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Author: Alison Henry

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