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What happens after Soul leaves the body according to Hindu Mythology

Author: Nikee Kapoor
by Nikee Kapoor
Posted: Nov 01, 2017

The basic question that haunts the mind of people whether they may be in any part of the world is, what happens after death? The common notion is that death is a painful phenomenon and the journey that follows is horrifying and tormenting. Actually we are afraid about the unknown and no one is willing to face death happily. There are different beliefs of different religions about the journey of soul after it leaves the body or the process that entrails the phenomenon of soul leaving the body. Hindu Mythology is believed to be the oldest and the one most looked upon for spiritual upliftment. The Hindu religious texts and literature like Vedas and Upanishads that are believed to be written by the Hindu Gods and Goddesses tell much about the life after death. There are many cities in India that are renowned to be the abode of sagacious mentors and spiritual teachers(Gurus) who could guide, regarding this raging topic. Few such places are Rishikesh, Varanasi, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu etc that could be easily visited by just booking a quick Flight Ticket to India.


The common belief of Hindus according to the Hindu Mythology about life after death could be understood as delineated below:-

The process involved is bifurcated into stages that a soul passes by after death.

The Disconnection and merger of the Chakras :- The first thing that happens is the detachment of the earth sole chakra located below the feet that symbolizes disconnection from the earth. It happens 4-5 hours before death and is also explicit from the phenomenon of the feet getting cold before the person is declared dead.

The Celestial Cord: - This is the cord connecting the soul to the body. Once the cord is cut from the rest of the body, the soul becomes free to move away and out of the body. As there is great attachment of the soul to the body where it dwelled, it tries hard to get back in the body and fit in and hence sometimes a subtle and soft movement of face or hand could be seen post death. The feeling of aliveness still remains but as the astral cord is cut it cannot stay in the body and the soul is pushed upwards.

The Ending of the Physical manifestation: - The soul hears many voices during this stage. There are actually the thoughts of the people who surrounds the dead body. The soul talks to his closed ones but gets disappointed when they do not listen. The soul hovers over the body and sees every activity that is going on and remains there till the body is cremated. It also follows the people who carry the dead body till the cremation ground.

Detachment of the Soul from the Body: - After the cremation is done the soul has strong believe that it's existence on earth in human form is lost. The five elements that formed it's body have dissolved in the nature and now it is free to move and travel anywhere on mere thought. There are no physical boundaries. For 7 days the soul moves to the places of interests and generally clings to it's loved ones or places of interest. After seven days the soul leaves the periphery of earth and goes to a different world.

Passing through the Tunnel: - It is believed that the soul after leaving the earth crosses a tunnel before it reaches the celestial plane. It takes 12 long days and it is recommended that the family of the deceased should do proper rituals and offerings for the soul so that it does not carry any hatred, attachment, anger, negative emotions or grudges along the journey through the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel a huge white light greets the soul that is the entrance of the astral world.

Self Analysis and Life Review: - Soul is the self judge here to analyse his acts(karma) during lifetime. He asks for forgiveness for the wrong doings and revenge for the people who troubled him. He too ask for punishment to pacify himself. The whole life events move in front of him like a movie and he judges each incident and asks for revenge, punishment or apologies for each. He also wishes to fulfil the unsatisfied desires in the next birth and to be born near to his closed ones or go back in the same family. The soul chooses his parents, home, place of birth, life style, occupation everything and at the same time maintains a balance of his previous carmic account. There is a process called the Past Life Regression Therapy that is quite common and authentically practised in India through which many people have got answers for the hurdles, shortcomings, failure and pain in their present life which had roots in their past life. If you too are facing such traumatic situations in life or if you are inquisitive to know more and have a deeper insight about the topic, just book your flights to India and visit any of the holy cities that would satisfy your thirst to the utmost level.

In Short it can be said that India has been a place where people have been practising these rituals from centuries and many people from other countries have been fascinated to explore these unknown territories. Some of the most visited places are Varanasi, Vrindavan,Gaya which are just few hour journey from New Delhi and living in the online world its quite easy to explore and book Tickets to India for a spiritual filled tour.

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